Dumb Question/Air Handler


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Dumb Question/Air Handler

I know this is a real dumb question, but can't get a definite idea from reading air/con sites.

Have a system that is cooling only.

Can one keep the air handler and just change the compressor unit to a heat pump? The air handler in the house we just bought is really boxed in and changing looks like a nightmare.

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I believe you will get mixed responses to this question.

It can be done and I have done it a few times. The manufacturers do not approve of it because they like an exact coil match to the outdoor unit for heating efficiency. They also would like their outdoor unit to begin its life with a clean coil inside. The times I have done it were because of price constraints. It may reduce the efficiency numbers given by the specs on the outdoor unit, but not by much. It can also pose a slight problem with low voltage wiring. Not all manufacturers use a standard wiring scheme and a good understanding of the circuit will be helpful to interface different brand units.
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Question More info please???


Read this for what info we need to know.
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I agree with KField's cautions about not changing the air handler. What you might consider a nightmare, may be a piece of cake for a professional. Experienced contractors run into this problem all the time. When people say that to me over the phone, my response is, "If someone put it there, I can remove it." In cases where the unit was boxed in after installation, I simply unbox it enough to get the unit out. The repair work to the walls is usually minor.

However, to answer your question, yes you can change the outside unit without changing the air handler but it is not advisable to do so.
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I would say the cost to let the blower coil there is more than going in and putting a new blower coil unit in. So yes you do want to get a new blower coil for the heatpump. Also You would have no warranties at all if the coil is not for that new unit
First have to rework the coil for bypass check valve. Then where can we put the back up strip heaters for defrost. Have to bring electric in for the strips. Like Kfield said you would lose btu out put when the coil is not the one for the new outdoor unit Also

My .02 cents ED
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Might have a little troubkle with the metering orifice since there will not be a reverse flow bypass in an A/C only coil.

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