Furnace Problem - Newbie Here!!!


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Unhappy Furnace Problem - Newbie Here!!!

I just found out today that my 16 year old (York) gas furnace/heater is on the brink. There is severe corrosion/rusting on the burners and inside the unit. The unit worked fine last winter, but now since it hasn't been started in 8 months, it's not working. I just replaced the 16 year old AC unit this summer (condenser and coil), so I'm wondering if that has something to do with it. The serviceman that was here yesterday told me that my thermostat might be broken as well (it's not firing the blower, though it has a 24v readout on the wires).

What are my options? I'm not that knowledgable about furnaces, so I don't want to get "taken" by my serviceman.

Should I replace the unit (I've got an 8 month old son, and am afraid of Carbon Monoxide though I do have a CM dector by his BR)? If so, what brand & effeciency would you reccommend? I have a one story house, 8 total rooms (9ft. ceilings), 2000 square feet.

What should I expect to pay for a new unit?

Thanks in advance for any and all help!!
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New unit

Get 3 bids for this job if you do need a new unit then make up your mind. Didnt they try and sell you a furnace then with the new AC. It would have been better to do it then , But thats that. This service man you had that said your Tstat COULD BE BROKE .

"The serviceman that was here yesterday told me that my thermostat might be broken as well (it's not firing the blower, though it has a 24v readout on the wires). "

I would for sure get another hvac tech in to look the whole thing over and and see for sure what you need.Never that one again.
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oh my!

why not call the service manager and let him know what you were told...he will probably send someone else out there with more experience.
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Reporting Back...

I'm working through my home buyers warranty, so I'm kindof limited to the amount of "bids" I can get on this job.

I just got off the phone with my service company, and because I've got a good relationship with them (paid lots of money in the past to them), they said they would install a GMC (Goodman?) 80% single stage (5 year parts and labor warranty included) furnace for $1491. This is taking into account the $400 I'd be getting from my "buy out" through my warranty company.

If I don't go through this service company, I can only get a buy out for $275 (opposed to $400) and then I could price the replacement unit out through 3 other companies as suggested above.

Is the $1491 price for the new furnace a good enough price to forego the headache of working with other companies.

Supposedly my home buyers warranty company will "void" my claim if they hear from my service company that my unit is very dirty and rusted (which it is - not sure when the last time it was cleaned).

Any thoughts? It's getting cold over here, and heat would be nice within the next few weeks...
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I'd also insist on finding out how your heatexchager rusted out. All your condensate should have went down the drain not on your exchanger. Sounds like it could have been freezing up, or maybe low air flow, or leaking pan.

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