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Hi Mike:

I'm not a legal advisor, but I have to side with you. You authorized the installation utilizing the expertise of the dealer. Carrier has a proprietary heating/cooling load program that is available for their dealers use. [it's a good program BTW- uses industry standards, sizes the ductwork, and selects the equipment] You have probably seen some of my other posts where I say the same thing over & over. If your going with a new system, you want a room by room heating/cooling load survey, evaluation of the existing ductwork, and consideraation of the insulation and windows. Your buying SYSTEM performance and not just EQUIPMENT performance. Unfortunately, consumers don't know to insist on it. Of course, there's always a few who want caviar on a baloney sandwich budget. Any dealer who doesn't run a load survey for a new system is asking for trouble. If he's doing just an outdoor unit changeout, then it's not necessary; BUT this has to be clarified with the customer. A new outdoor unit will not necessrily increase comfort levels. If you had left out some important near term future information, then the dealer can say "Hey, they didn't tell me about that". It sounds like they knew you were doing energy saving upgrades with the remodel. I'm a little confused about one thing. You're saying that a Carrier rep [factory guy?] says 2.5 or 3 tons based on their engineering calculations and later you say that they want a load calculation done. Who's the they?-the Carrier rep or the dealer? Did the Carrier rep actually come to your house or have you just talked to them over the phone? Here's something YOU can do. Go to www.hvaccomputer.com where you'll find a residential heating/cooling load program that you can use for one house for $39. It's a bargain and wiil give you more ammo. Thanks. John.
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Thank you, John:
My Carrier dealer is ducking and dodging at the moment, but I intend to get this straightened out amicably, if I can. They are, personally. nice people. They just blew it. (I hate to sue someone. I've only done it twice, and because I was right... and they were wrong...I won both.)
I just need advice. Thank you again for yours. Mike
Edit: Yes, a Carrier rep came here from across the State (NC), and spent about two hours inspecting, testing, adjusting (?), etc., and the system has been improved. A Question: What should the humidity level inside your home be, when it is 100% outside, and the system is running 24/7? I think that mine has gone down since the Carrier guy was here, and did his thing. Mike

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