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I have a new (june/2000) air conditioner unit outside the house, but it doesn't cool on a regular basis....usually every other day it's tolerable, but average temp. in the house is about 95......the unit hardly ever shuts off, and has been checked out by my a/c man...he says it's running properly and has plenty of freon, but of course the day he came was one of the "cool" days inside...about 85. My question is, could this be a thermostat problem? The thermostat is probably original to the house..I've been here 13 years and it was here when we moved in....Please help if you can...in dallas, and we're cookin down here..it's been 108 the last few days, and over 100 for the last month....thanks for whatever you can tell me!
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Hi JRKeylady:

The Summer outdoor design temp for Dallas is 100* and the industry standard for indoor temp is 75* with either 55% or 50% indoor Relative Humidity. So in other words, on 100* day, a properly sized system should hold a 25* temperature difference. On a 108* day you wouldn't necessarily keep the 25* difference because the a/c is maxed out; so maybe 85 or 86 unside would be a more reasonable expectation. My first question is- how was it before you had the new unit put in? It sounds like you only purchased a new outdoor unit and not an entire system. Is this correct? If you never had adequate cooling, then the entire house would need to be evaluated. A room by room heating/cooling load survey as well as evaluation of the ducts, insulation and windows would be in order. Sometimes beefing up the insulation and ventilating the attic will provide enough relief and you don't have to go to the expense of a new a/c system. One thing to check is ensure that the heating and cooling aren't on at the same time. This happens sometimes with electric heat where the installers cross up the control wiring. Otherwise, I doubt that the thermostat is the problem. It's telling the a/c to run because it's too hot in the house. Another thing to investigate is the ducts. You don't want any leaks blowing your expensive chilled air into the attic or outside. You also don't want to be sucking in hot air on the return. Also, is the cooling coil clean? I can't imagine what your electric bill must be like. Check these items out and let us know what you think. Thanks. John.
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