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I have 2 properties that have very old heaters. They were originally coal fired, then converted to oil and that was done at least 45 years ago. I have contracted to have them removed and a gas burner installed. My husband is telling me I should just have a new oil burner installed. There is also the issue of the old asbestos on the duct work that should be removed which would be done with the change out. What do you think?
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Cindy, seeing you from around Wilmington, i would think you have Natural gas... Its cleaner and you will have less maintaince problems with it...Im in Sussex and Just Changed out my oil for Gas ( 40 yr old Furnace ).Yes if your going to do it do it right and replace the duct work..Get a few bids on Oil and gas and go with what you want..you have oil tank now so that would not be an expence, but you would need gas line.. a regular gas furnace would be cheaper then oil, and a 90 plus would be about the same maybe a little higher then oil. Good Luck Bob
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Gas is a better way to heat.

Federal laws require an abatement company remove and dispose of properly.
Get some estimates it can be exspensive.
If you can leave that asbestos anole or just wrap it it won't cost as much.
Some heating contractors in my area thoughgt they could remove this and they stired up the asbestos dust so bad they had to Buy the peoples homes they were working in.
Good Luck
Mr Foster
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