Upstairs attic smell

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Whenever the air is on upstairs, the upstairs smells musty and has that "attic smell." The furnace is in the attic but the smell isn't that bad when the heat is on. I thought there might be air flow from the attic into the house through the attic access. I recently reinsulated and weatherstriped without results. Could there be a hole in a duct that draws attic air into the system? Do the ducts just need to be clean. The attic is vented to the outside and the house is 15 years old. Any thoughts?
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Attic furnace, most of the horizonal furnaces that are 15 years old could be having a problem with the heat exchanger.Recommend you have a CO detector in your home for your own safty.
Insulation on the inside of the ductwork, the ductwork itself(if fiberboard), or insulation on the Evaporator coil if you have air conditioning could start to get wet when the furnace is not being used. Say your shower is running and the hummidity hits near 90 % when the air in the ducts in that attic are Cooler than the Dew point, water or moisture has to form. So something could be damaged, the insulation possibly.
Small animals if they got in your attic, Racoons etc.

Good Luck
Mr Foster
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Hey Kip,
You indicated the problem is not as extreme when the heat is on? Have you checked the condensation lines? Is their water in the drain pan that is leftover from the A/C mode.
Is the smell similiar to " Dirty Socks" ? If so this is the likely source.

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