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I have a ten year old Carrier gas furnace. Two months ago, the pilot was replaced. Now, the furnace won't work. Resetting the furnace (turn down thermostat, turn of gas, turn off electricity...wait 5 minutes, etc) will restart the furnace, but after a few minutes, it shuts down even though it hasn't achieved the thermostat setting number. It will immeadiately restart, shut down, restart, shut down..usually four or five times...it makes a clicking sound either from the ignitor box,or the gas electromechanical (hortizontal) unit (where the gas conduit is..I can't figure our which one it is making the clicking sound). I'd like to think I can fix this myself?
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Hi Wendy:

I assume you mean it worked after the pilot was replaced and now it's malfunctioning. Can you see the pilot flame? It should be nice and blue. Some Carrier furnaces from that time used a temperature sensing switch to prove the pilot flame. If you see some wires going to the pilot burner area, then you have this system. Often this switch fails, especially if it gets a little wet. The clicking may be the switch making & breaking and clicking the gas valve. You could have a flame rod system which would have one wire going to the pilot burner area. This type of system proves the pilot flame by sending a small electric current thru the flame to ground. So, the ground connections are very important as is polarity. By polarty, we mean that the hot wire in the power supply has to go to the hot terminal and the neutral wire has to go to the neutral terminal. Electronic controls depend on the polarity being right. You can check out the ground connections and the polarity before calling your servicer. I supect however that you either have a flame proving problem or a bad gas valve. Unless you're experienced working with these items, it's probably best to call for service. Unfortunately, todays' furnaces are quite complicated. It used to be that you could fix your furnace; they were pretty simple and reliable. Just like cars today, they're beyond the average owner. If you need more help, give us a holler. Thanks. John.

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