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About a week ago, the fan outside in the unit would not shut off even when the unit was off. I then began to have problems with the thermostat. If I turned the switch to on, the unit would not turn on. But if I wiggled the switch it would finally come on. I replaced the thermostat and when I cut the unit on ,it came on fan and all and the house began cooling. Shortly after that, it began to warm up inside. The fan was off but the unit was running. When I went to inspect the problem, the fan makes a humming noise and turns a few revolutions and stops. There was also a noise that sounded like air escaping but it only lasted for a few seconds. I lifted the lid and I saw the compressor and a metal box containing wires and connectors. What could be the problem(s)?
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The fan motor in the outdoor unit is bad. Shut off the power and see how it turns by hand. Also, see if the shaft moves side to side or up and down. Normal is no side to side movement, just a little movement up and down, and it should turn freely. It could be mechenically ok but failed electrically which is what I suspect. This repair is expensive [$300 to $400] if you call someone but if your handy, it's not too hard. Remove the motor, [power off of course] and get a replacement motor that's as close as possible. [you also want to replace the capacitor] When you install the new motor, check the wiring hookup 3 times before applying power. You only get one chance if it's wrong and electrical parts are not returnable. You should be able to do this repair for under $100 unless there's something special about the motor like the mounting. For example, on some of the Rheem units, the motor mounts with screws thru the side and you have to buy that motor. The hissing noise you hear is an internal relief valve in the compressor opening to bypass pressure. The condensor pressure climbs rapidly because the fan isn't running. Sometimes the relief valve fails to close which renders the compressor useless; so don't continue to try to run the unit until it's fixed. Let us know how you make out. Thanks. John.

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