Closed Boiler system


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Closed Boiler system

we live in central minnesota with temps somewere around 20 degrees above to 20 below.
The boiler is heating a log house that has walls that are from 1 and half feet thick to 2 feet thick.
It is a home made boiler that is a barrel in a barrel that holds about 225 gal it horizonal it has a thousand gallon reserve do you think that is a good idea or should a person just skip the thousand gal tank.
It takes the boiler up to two to three hours to get 225 gal hot.
one problem that i think is the magority of the water is behind the fire .
Do you think a vertica fire pot would recover faster.
The boiler runs off just wood.
The boiler high temp for it of circulate at 140 low end is 115
It has two zones with 14 loop with inch and quarter manifolds.
The system has a murcury switch.
I was thinking about bilding a new one that holds 293 gallons but most of the water would be on the top.
second problem is that the boiler will not keep a fire going over night by morning the boiler is down to 100 degrees.
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Iwould think that the best position would be horizontal with the fire all the way across the bottom. That way you are heating the maximum amount of surface space.

When we used a wood burner in the day we used soft wood since it burned faster and saved the big chunks of hardwood for night yet we still woke up chilly. The only remedy was for someone to get up at say 2am and feed the fire. If you can get your hands on coal that may get you through the night.

Sounds like you guys are true pioneers. Are you in a remote area? Just the thought of a log cabin and homemade boiler sounds neat.
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If you can circulate water within the boiler, it won't matter as much where the water is. You could accomplish that fairly easily. Also is there any way you could put forced air to the air damper? If you could, you could even control the blower by water temperature. So that if the water got below 110, the fan could come on and feed more air to the fire.
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Lightbulb boiler

If you can find a old draft door and stack check damper control . you could control that fire, wood or coal all night long. If you built a new boiler Id say make it a dry tube type vertical it will give you faster recovery an you can clean the tubes out better. ED

Just my old old .02 cents guys
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