Horrible odor from neighbors cooking through vents

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Horrible odor from neighbors cooking through vents

Help me please!

I have a serious problem.

I live in an old house that has been converted into an apartment building. Each apartment has a floor of the house, and the house has four floors. I live on the 2nd level.

There is a woman who lives on the basement level who cooks the worst smelling meals you could ever imagine. The best description I can give, is that it smells like someone is cooking rotten meat and vomit. The smell is that bad. I have never smelt it before, but now she cooks this roughly twice a week, and always late at night. To make matters worse, the smell comes from the heating vents in my house, and fills my whole apartment with the pugnant stench. I have to open all my windows all the way to just breathe. Now Winter is coming, and in Ottawa,
winters are very cold. I won't be able to keep the windows open, but if I don't I'll surley be sick. I can't even sleep with this horrible odor in my apartment.

To make matters worse, I'm afraid of inquiring about it as she's a different race than me, and I don't want to chance offending her. I'm sure it could be a very touching subject for me to question her culture. And that's something I'm not prepared to do.

I am posting here because I'm hoping someone here can tell me about some kind of odor filter I can place on the inside of the heating ducts in my apartment to get rid of the smell, but allow heat to get in. Does something like this exist?


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move...or pick out an air freshener that you like and take stock....
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I take it you two share the same heating system?

If so, I would talk to the landlord about the issue, and they may work with you if your nice about it. Not much that can be done about this with out any major expense.

Here's a list of a few thing that may help.

-Install an April Air 5000 air filter system
-Install an Ultra-Viloiet light
-Install a new heating system that will only heat one floor alone (new duct works will be needed)
-Close off the vents feeding your apt, and just use a electric base board heating system. but that won't stop all of the air from the other apt coming in.

Land lord could suggest to the other renter to use the range hood (If there is one, and is vented outside)

Where is the T-stat at? Yours or other's apt? if it in your place, turn the system down or off till they are done cooking.

You could get those stand alone air cleaner with Charcoal filter, but they won't do much.
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The issue of race should not even come into question if it smells that bad. I can surely understand not wanting to take a chance of any friction but as the other guys say there's not much you can do other than complain or move. I know in the past we lived by this old guy who never cleaned up after his dog and it would stink to high heaven. He was the nicest guy in the world and we didn't want to hurt his feelings so we sent him an annonomys letter in the mail that was very polite. That solved that and may help you. This lady may not even realize her food stinks.
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Well, it turns out, one of my neighbors had had enough tonight as well, and talked to her about it. (one of my major flaws, I'm not very good with diplomacy so I'm glad it was not me). She is now aware of the problem and will try to "curb" it. Now my next question is, if we plugged up the air intakes in her apartment, would that stop the smell from circulating through the whole house, and would that make the furnace much more innefficient? Would that cut off the heat to her apartment? My guess is that the air intakes/outputs throughout the whole house are linked so she would still get heat.

Am I right? wouldn't it be great if all we had to do was plug the air intakes in her apartment then she could cook whatever she wanted to without causing the odor to go through the whole house?

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She could try putting a fan in her kitchen window to exaust the odor then she could take it out when she's done.

By the way enquiring minds need to know....What in the world is she cooking?
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removing her returns will help, but they need to be replaced in other areas to maintain proper airflow.
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My sympathies are with the cook as much as the people who don't approve of her meal choices.
The real problem is the shoddy renovations that took place to turn this house into a multi-family dwelling.
An occupancy such as you have requires if not by code, by common sense that every suite be independant.
The rent that the landlord charges should cover the cost of the renovations he should have done in the first place.
If you are paying rent that would be on par with that of a properly outfitted apartment then you have a reason to complain and there could be rental laws that will protect you all.
But on the otherhand if the rent is a steal then you will have to learn tolerance and perhaps get to know this person and maybe even learn about her culture and style of cooking.

Ya, me too...................what's for supper???
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Lightbulb smells

OH OH its not Road Kill againis it ?????

Like GregH said, it sounds like the duct work is not to code. You cant have more than one apartment on a heat cool set up here ED

Ill try anything, it could be good

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