Hot water baseboard replacement (Slantfin)

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Gary Larson
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Hot water baseboard replacement (Slantfin)

In our primary bathroom, the hot water baseboard (both the removeable front cover as well as the "shell" that attaches to the wall) is rusted. The brand name is Slantfin. The previous owners just painted over the rust, and it needs to be replaced (the hot water pipe and metal fins surrounding the pipe are in fine condition).

The "shell" is attached to the wall with a few nails (easily removable) and is tucked under the linoleum floor with a 1/4" lip, but the three "C" shaped brackets that go on top and beneath the fins around the pipe for support prevent me from easily removing the shell from the wall. To remove the shell right now, I would have to bend back the brackets to be as flush as possible with the back wall of the shell, then slide the shell off.

In new home construction, I imagine they first install the shell, then put the hot water pipe in front of it. Correct?

Question: Is it possible to purchase just the shell and cover, in a 6' section, and replace the existing one, without having to remove the pipe in front of the baseboard?

The removal of the pipe would be something I would ask a plumber to do, but if they offer kits that can replace the cover & shell without having to do remove the pipe, that would be ideal.

Thanks in advance!!
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I have not delt with much hot water heat.

I think you could get a new shell for the unit, but I would think it would be cheaper to get the whole new unit vs just the shell.

Other wise, just give it a good cleaning, and paint it w/ a fresh coat of paint.
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They should have a customer service number you can call.
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Lightbulb Base board

Go to that www mattison gave you. You can buy just the back and front of the slant fin. Thats so you could like do the whole baseboard in a room the same but not have the heat coil in it or just run the pipe in it to the next room. I think you are looking at a lot of work here.

Just for kicks. If you have this base board in the whole home. Id go around with a shop vac and vacuum the under side of the fins. Have had homes no heat calls the boiler is fine. Just the lint under the fins didnt let the air warm up in the home. ED
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Slantfin is based here on Long Island. You cannot buy directly from them, I have tried unsuccessfully. They will furnish you with a list of suppliers though on their website. The item that you need is the enclosure only-no element. The Home Depot's here have them in limited lengths and they only have one version. There are like three different versions-height, backspace, etc. They even have one that is moisture resistant for basements/bathrooms. I have found that some Slantfin enclosure dimensions on older homes are no longer made. The website shows how to measure, etc. Your best bet is to buy from the local plumbing supply house where the enclosure only is called "dummy board". They will have all the lengths and variations. Dont forget the accessories-endcaps, etc.
Replacing these enclosures can be a battle. I have done quite a few in my house. You can get them in any color as long as that color is nu-white. LOL. I havent tried painting to match but I am sure scuff, prime, and paint would work. Good Luck.
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Gary Larson
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Thanks for the omments.

I went to my local Lowes tonight, they did not have SlantFin, but did have a similar product (company name escapes me). I did not buy it as the brand was different from the rest of the house and want to match as close as possible). They sold them in 4,5 and 6' lengths, for just the enclosure (which I need) or the enclosure and the element. I checked online also and I found the humidity resistent baseboards that JRRR mentioned:

I have already vacuumed, etc - I have no problem with the heat in the room - the replacement is purely for cosmetic reasons. It just looks terrible with a thin coat of paint over a ton of rust by the previous owners. Another coat is not going to solve the problem - needs to be replaced.

Now that I know the enclosure only is out there - if someone can comment that they were able to replace just the enclosure without removing the pipe/element by soldering it off, would appreciate it.

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