Problems With My Oil Furnace


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I'm hoping someone out there can help me with my furnace. Here is some
information on it:

Installed new in 1978 it is a Life Clad Sears Oil Furnace (20" x 20" x 60")
and uses #2 fuel oil.

When I turn it on it shakes/vibrates for about 5 seconds and makes a
terrible rumbling noise. But after that it runs perfectly, no problems
what-so-ever. Does anyone have any idea what the problem may be?

Here is what I know it NOT the problem:
The fuel pump pressure is good @ 105 pounds.
The flame ignites instantly when it should, so it's good.
I've tried different air shutter adjustments (into the combustion chamber)
and it makes no difference.
Replaced the nozzle twice, so it's not that.
Adjusted the electrodes two times, no problem there.
I drained the fuel tank and it didn't help.
Changed the fuel filter twice.
And I checked all the lines and there are no leaks.

Any ideas would be a great help - I've run out of them! I thought it might
be the transformer but I'm not having any shut-off problems - the furnace
runs perfectly once the vibrating and rumbling stops (and that only last
about 5 seconds)

If anyone has any ideas you can email me or leave a post, I'll see it.
A big thank you to everyone out there,
[email protected]
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Hi subland:

I'm thinking that you're either getting some post run drip or the electrodes need better adjusting. Go to an hvac place and ask for a little tool that's used for setting electrodes. I think it's made by Delevan. You place it over the nozzle and then turn it to the number on the tool that corresponds to the spray angle of the nozzle. Then adjust the electrodes to the landings on the tool. For additional help, go to Thanks. John.
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Subland, this could be a few problems... After drip due to a faulty check valve in the fuel pump , or nozzle setting to far in the fire box causing overheating and after drip... you can try a Protek valve component, it replaces the standard strainer on the nozzle... also the transformer might not be putting out 10,000 Volts, and this could cause the fuel not to lite fully upon start up.. as for setting the electrodes, 7/16 above center line, 1/8 ahead and 1/8 apart should do you right... let me know how you make out..
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Thank you both for your replies - I really appreciate it. I'll try using the tool to adjust the electrodes better and let you know how it goes.

Thank you again,
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I think you second reply is right on track sounds like a faulty oil pump. It also could be a weak transformer not lighting right away and when it does it is burning that un-burned oil in the fire chamber and causing the noisie sound or rumbling sensation. Make sure also that you do not have to much air on the fire it could be blowing the spark out. John

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