Closing off vents in rooms


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I have an electric heatpump. I have two bedrooms that I do not use. Is it efficient to close the vents in those rooms and close the door or is it better to leave them open? The reason I ask is, that both bedrooms have returns in them.
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You do not want to close the registers within the rooms. Essentially, this is sel-defeating. By closing the registers, the air traveling through the trunk line and subsequently making it's way down the tap line to the register that has been closed , has done nothing more than hit an obstacle, The shut register. The air flow pressure will back up , slightly and do little good. It is preferable to close off the TAP LINES with a damper ( If equipped ).
However in your case with returns in these rooms your better off leaving as is. Why?
Lets assume you manage to close the registers. You even go one step further and close the doors because the rooms are not in use. I am going to assume that these rooms have on them at least one exterior wall. So now what happens lets say after the system has been running for an hour on a winter day. You open the door to this room and wha -la your greeted with ablast of cold air. Why? without the register being open the outside air has infiltrated that room and has not been conditioned, therby causing all rooms surrounding that room to be less comfortable because of the encroaching col air. Okay, so lets say you don't open the door. Now what happens. Remember you have have a return in there that is pulling that unconditioned air through your duct system and blending it with the other warm heat. That combination with a heat-pump can be costly.
SUMMARY- Leave it as it is
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Thanks Tim, Your explanation makes sense to me. AKC
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Essentially I will add to what Tim has said above. The only reason you would want to close off these registers is to save money on heating costs. This would not be achieved by doing this. Second moisture formation in this cold room could create a mold problem by lack of heat and air circulation. I did this years ago in a house I had and all I achieved was a cold, moisture laden room will ice on the INSIDE of the window. Just heat the rooms.

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