Steam Radiator


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Steam Radiator

I have had a problem with one of my steam radiator for awhile. basically it doesn't get as hot as the other ones. Air vent has been replaced and the radiator has been tilted. However i'm afraid that either the radiator is not tilted enough or there's a lot of condensed steam (water) trapped in the radiator because the bottom of the radiator stays cold and the top part is warm(sometimes hot). Any help about this matter is appreciated!
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Are your air vents adjustable? If so, try closing the other radiators vents a little. If I understand the principle of steam heating correctly this will help "balance" your system. I had similar problems with a radiator in my house and by adjusting the air valves on the other radiators so that they shut more quickly, more steam was diverted to the radiator that was still "open" or cold. By fiddling with the adjustment on the air vents I was able to get relatively balanced heat everywhere in the house.

Just out of curiosity, is the problem radiator the furthest from the boiler? If so, and if the thermostat is in a room where the radiator is working well (or heats faster) the boiler might be shutting off because the thermostat is telling it that the house is warm enough before the furthest radiator has had a chance to competely heat. The amount of insulation around the pipes leading to the radiator can also affect how quickly the steam can reach it. If the pipes leading to the other radiators are better insulated than the ones leading to the one giving you trouble then they'll heat faster. Also, it's my understanting that radiators are generally colder on the bottom than the top since that's where the cooled condensed water falls to and flows back to the pipe.

Please keep in mind that I am not a professional, but having moved into a steam heated house a couple of years ago, I've picked up a few things, so hopefully they'll help you.

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No, the radiator is not the furthest from the boiler. And the bottom of the radiator is totally cold, not just colder than the top part. I don't know. I might have to have a professional look at it.
Thanks for your help!
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