York Diamond 90 Furnace Comes On, But Doesn't Ignite


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York Diamond 90 Furnace Comes On, But Doesn't Ignite

I have an LP fired York Diamond 90 furnace. Four or five times a month I have noticed the motor that draws air into the combustion chamber running, but the furnace doesn't ignite.

Normally when the thermostat calls for heat, the motor that draws air into the combustion chamber kicks on, next a coil in the combustion chamber glows red, next I hear the click of what I think is a solenoid and then the burners ignite. This process usually takes a minute or so to complete.

Several times this heating season I have heard that first motor being on for long periods of time (not the blower), but the furnace doesn't progress to the point of ignition (don't see the glow of the coil, no "click", burners never ignite, and the blower doesn't kick on).

The furnace can stay in this state for long periods of time. One morning I woke up to the house being about 50 degrees when the thermostat was set to turn the furnace on at 63 degrees. The thermostat indicated the system was on and when I checked the furnace it was in on, but not igniting and it seemed that it was in this state for most of the night.

I have changed the thermostat batteries and changed the pleated filter (changed regularly anyway).

One odd thing I noticed more than once when I found the furnace in this state: if I open the top cover to the furnace (no kill switch on the cover) that exposes the combustion chamber and some wiring and regulators -- the furnace suddenly starts to progress towards ignition.

Also, turning the furnace off at the emergency switch and then on again has also fixed the problem.

I think I need to call someone, but I am hoping to understand what might be wrong before I take that next step.
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the first motor that starts is the induced draft motor. the glowing col is the hot surface iginator. the click is the gas valve being engerigzed.

well from what you have stated it sounds like you are not getting enough air for combustion . is this a 90 percent furnace with 2 sets of pvc pipe coming from it . I believe it is by the model number so what you need to do is check and make sure that both of those pipies are not blocked where they exit outside
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Thanks for your reply.

The furnace is 92% efficient. There is PVC pipe for the exhaust, but there is no intake pipe. The combustion chamber is open at the top with a circular hole and draws fresh air from my basement. On the few occasions that I looked, I didn't see anything blocking the intake opening.

I can post the York model number for the furnace tonight.
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I also have a York 90+ furnance. Same problem as you decribe. After all the checking the problem was a wasp nest in the air intake from outside. I spent hours trying to find the problem but was too lazy to check the air vents.
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York Diamond 90

I don't know if this will help anyone, but I just purchased and am living in a home (repo) with a York Diamond 90. I had to replace the thermostat, blower fan and housing. I turned it on yesterday morning for a test run and it purred. I went to the store and when I got back the furnace was off and the small blower was blowing continuously, but no ignition. The LED was blinking 3 times - stuck pressure regulator. My first thought was to replace the pressure regulators until I read one person's input that said they rarely go bad. So (don't ask me why) I blew into the pressure regulator hose that goes into the black box under the burners. I heard a gurgling sound so I turned off the power and started taking the screws out from the black box; water started coming out. I didn't have to take all the screws out for all of the water to drain. I had my shop-vac nearby and caught the water as it came out. I would guess that I drained between 8-12 ounces of water. I also blew through the drain hose; it was plugged. I got everything back together and started it up about 30 minutes ago and it's still running.

One caveat; The house had been empty for about 18 months before I got it so I'm not certain if the water build-up is natural or due to neglect. I only know that I have heat.

By the way, I'm divorced, my kids are grown and live alone. If I had a family living here, I would have called the furnace guy.

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