coleman evcon furnace


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coleman evcon furnace

9 yr old coleman evcon furnace cuts out. this usually happens in the morning when it trys to raise the temp from 16 to 21C.
I've replaced the igintion module, converted to HS ignition and also cleaned the flame sensor. Today i discovered the vent pipe held a substantial amount of water and this has been corrected. The thermostat is newer(2 years).
I can heat the thermostat click on but nothing happens at the unit. If i go and flick the power usually fires up after 2-5 trys...i can also hear an audible click while flicking the power switch.

What is a rollout switch??

-24C up in Canada,
Please help
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If you've got voltage to your module in a call for heat, check to see if you have voltage to the HSI if not the module is bad if so and the HSI is not glowing it's bad.

A roll out switch is a sensor just outside of the burner assymbly and senses if the "flame or to much heat" is rolling out of the combustion chamber.
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water in the flue is an issue...could be holding out pressure switch. have heard of improper venting causing not only moisture problems, but lockout on cold mornings due to cold air rushing down the flue when the unit cycles off. what size is the flue, is it single wall or double wall, how long are the horizontal/vertical runs, btu of furnace and is a water heater tied into the same flue?
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Power venting, 80000 btu with single wall 3inch abs pipe.
Vertical run 2 feet and hor about 22 feet. Water heater is separate.
Please explain lockout further...could thermostat not resetting.

The HS ingition works everytime once the blower kicks in. Just seems there not enough, 'kick' to even get the blower to work.

The 3" pipe narrows to 2" outside the house???back pressure causing the rollout to sense increase heat?

Thanks in advance,
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The HS ingition works everytime once the blower kicks in. Just seems there not enough, 'kick' to even get the blower to work.

sounds like a capacitor problem now that u r saying that the blower doesn't have enough power to start . or it could be the motor going bad

you can change the capacitor they are realy cheap and if the motor stills seems to be lacking power than change the motor
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Thanks...where is the capacitor?

One more piece of the puzzle that doesn't make any sense. During the summer, i have no issues with the a/c unit.....i guess the blower.
So why in the winter it acts up and not in summer.
Is the role out switch on the outside in front of the gas valve??


-20 last night
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If the blower comes on when you go to" fan on" at the tstat Id say that its capacitor is ok. If not Its a small like can down there on the blower its oval in shape. Like was said it could be the blower motor and its going out on low speed. ED
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