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Hello Folks, My friend tried to install a new thermostat and somehow it's not working.
He has a 6 wire heat and cooling system. I think he might have labeled the wires wrong.
It's getting cold and we need help asap!!! I will check in quite often, so please any help would be appreciated!!! Thanx, Eric
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hello feihin,
im transfering this post to heating/cooling they r much better quilified to help you on this.they deal with stats every day and know them better then us electricians. look for further replys there.
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Six wire doesn't mean much. Need to know type of system. Heat pump, electric, oil, gas, etc.
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Hello fjRachel, I'm dealing with a six wire
York heating and cooling system. The A/C system is outdoor and the furnace is in the attic/crawlspace. The new thermostat was installed 2 weeks ago by a friend neighbor and was only put to use the last couple of days. I think he marked the wires wrong. Anyway, I can only get the fan to kick on with no heat or cooling. The wires are red,white, green, blue,yellow,and brown. The receptors are g,y,w,rh,b,o,rc. I would appreciate any help anyone can give as to wire placement. I've installed 2 of these units without the a/c and have had no problems. I can't figure out the wiring on this. Thanks in Advance. Eric
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Hello fjRachel,
Try this
Connect the Red Wire to Rh and Rc
White to W
Green to G
Yellow to Y
They may have run two seprate wires to the RH and RC but one usually works unless there are multipule transformers.You might have a two stage furnace I don't know but this is the common connections for 5 of the terminals. That B is used for dampers and such.
Good Luck
Mr Foster
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Hello Folks, I just wanted to update and say thanks to all who helped me out. Seems my friend missed one of the most basic of aspects and didn't turn the power off before
trying to install new t-stat. Not only did he
blow his transformer,but, shorted out something in his a/c unit. A pro,$200.00 and still counting(a/c not fixed yet), a few cold nights, and mucho hassle all for the flip of a switch!!! If he dares to touch anything again, I'm sure he'll try to cut power to the whole city!!! Again, thanks for the help!! Eric

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