American Standard Furnace problems


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Thumbs down American Standard Furnace problems

I have an American Standard Freedom 90 Furnace and A/C system it was installed when my parents owned the house less than 5 years ago.

My question is this: Are these units problem prone???

Why you asked? well less than 2 years old it needed a new gas valve, 6 months later it needed a new vaccum switch for the exhaust blower, Just as I bought the house from my parents in July 2002 the direct drive blower motor quit, not siezed just quit, the windings smelled burnt, now 2 weeks ago it started making a weird noise like it had a plastic bag hung in the duct work flapping around when the fan would run, well nobody could tell me what it was, well I found out, the blower cage literaly blew it's self off the center hub and came disconnected, I have put a temperary, 40 year old unit in to get heat in the house but I can't leave it there.

Is there a heavy duty blower that can be installed in this furnace, I'm realy getting tired of working on this thing and putting money in a "New" furnace.

I remember as a kid the old furnace that was in here it was the size of a Ford Fiesta and all my dad ever had to do was change the filters in it.

Any help and advice welcome
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Lightbulb blower

Try Grainger for a blower that will work. Or Johnstone supply ED
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I take it a Grainger replacement will be better than a factory unit??
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First, have you investigated what the warranty for this unit is? I would hope that, less than 5 years old, it's still under warranty (or at least parts of it).

Whether a newer/different blower would help would probably depend on why the old one failed. If it wasn't a permanently lubricacted model, was it lubricated? If it was, were the filters changed and the blower and cage cleaned regularly? Etc.

Grainger only sells to businesses (and they are overpriced), but I bet you have an electrical supply/hvac supply house near you that will sell you a replacement blower.
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Well from what the supplier told me they only have a 1 year warranty and seeing as it is 5 years old thats way gone, I'm just mad that it has eat one motor in less than 4 years and now the blower wheel has seperated it's self from the drive hub, all of the fins came off the center.

I do have a Grainger store, and seeing as I have a local independant bussiness I can buy from them, just don't have much need for them, so I tend to forget about them, and from the prices I have seen on-line from them, they are cheaper than my so called plumbing and heating wholesale warehouse where a friend of mine works and is soppose to get such good prices's.

Oh and the 4 speed motors are a permanent lube type and being direct drive you don't lube the blower either, seeing as it is on the end of the motor.

My main consern is am I the only one having this much trouble with American Standard furnaces, cause I have 3 more in the family that were replaced after this one was installed, they aren't near as old (like 5 years is old) but if this is common I'm not putting the money or time in them they will get replaced if something major starts with them.
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You have replaced a few of the most expensive parts and should probably stay the course. Make sure you get the same diameter and width of blower wheel. Yours may have picked up something that threw it out of balance, or it just may have been junk from day 1. I wouldn't scrap the furnace even though you are getting tired of the breakdowns.
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I am with Kfield... You have a filter in the return drop of the duct work?

Is this unit installed by a pro? Sometime when it's installed wrong (wrong size ductwork, wrong size venting.. ect) will cause the system to fail early on you.

If you have pix of it, it would help us see if it was done right or not.
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Well, I have to believe it was installed correctly, it was done as a side job by one of the guys that live in the neighborhood here, and he works for the largest plumming and heating supplier in town, infact he runs the duct work shop for them, so I would hope he knew what he was doing, but never can tell, I'll have to bum a digi cam to get a few pic maybe.
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New units come with a 5 year warranty and goes to a 10 years if installed with the A/C at the same time. Look for your install paper work. American Standard is rated as one of the top manufactures. If you can find the part number I can find where to get a good price.
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