Gas Heater Delayed Ignition


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Rose Song
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Angry Gas Heater Makes Loud Boom Noise When First Turned on and Few Seconds After Turned Of

We have new thermostat-controlled wall furnace installed by a professional couple years ago. Lately I am hearing a real loud "Boom" noise 20-30 seconds after heater is on, and also 20-30 seconds after heater is off. The noise is so loud that it almost sound like thunder and wakes everybody up (even when bedroom door is closed). I called the installer to check this, but was told that it just needs maintenance, but don't know in detail as to what type of maintenance is needed. Can anyone explain what might be the cause of this loud boom noise when I turn on and off the gas heater? I also noticed that the outside cover is little curved (bent) inward. I don't know if this is normal, but never seen this type of curve at my friends' houses, nor ever heard any noises like ours. Any explanations or recommendations would be greately appreciated before I let them do maintenance service and pay them. Thank you.
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is this happening when flames light and go off, or when blower cycles?
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Rose Song
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I don't know. All I know is that boom noise happens when I first turn on and also when turned off (gas light goes off). I seem more like when blower is off though.
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Hello: Rose Song

The condition described is termed delayed ignition. Delayed ignition is a serious problem. Failure to correct it will cause serious damage to any unit which has this type of problem.

The problem has to be corrected and should be corrected as soon as possible. And in an effort to do so, the do it yourself person must be fully aware of the dangers. If there is any doubts one has about being able to safely deal with problems like this or of this type, get professional help.

Dangers of being near the unit should should it delay ignite (backfire) in your presence. There is always a clear and present danger of serious injuries and burns if one is not careful, aware and trained & experienced in dealing with problems such as this.

Best suggestion, in my opinion, is to hire a licensed heating professional to diagnose the problem and correct it.

If you need further assistance, use the reply button to add any additional information or ask additional questions. Attempt the repair solutions or correctional method provided first.

Regards & Good Luck. Sharp Advice.
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Rose Song
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This heater was installed by professional two years ago which carries 1 year performance quarantee, 5 years system warranty and 10 year heat exchange warranty. Do you think this type of repair fall in any of these warranty catagory? Would any type of maintenance prevent this type of noise in the future? Thank you.
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do your best to locate the source of the noise. if it is delayed ignition, call the installer back out asap
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Wall furnace

Wall furnace 2 years old goes boom.

In the wall there in the home 2 years people around it making dust all the time now it goes boom. Id say there is dirt and dust there on the burners and up in the inside of the burner in the venturi tube. Could be spider webs also have found them there. You dont say LP or nat gas check W/C pressure. Burners could be warped.

Id say call and get a servce tech to look at it right now.

Dirt on or in the burners is not covered in warranty. To just vacuum in on and around the burners when the furnace is turned off before you start it for winter. sure helps some. ED
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Can you run the fan by itself? Check your returns and filter if it's booming at the start of the fan and then after it shuts off it sounds like the duct is flexing when the fan cycles.
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