I'm cold! Brrr


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I'm cold! Brrr

I purchased a brand new house this year. I knew the energy disadvantages to buying a two story home, but I never imagined that it would be this bad. I have 3 bedrooms upstairs and the master bedroom downstairs. The gas furnace is in the atic. Most celings in the house are vaulted and very high. The upstairs is always at least 10 degrees warmer than the down stairs.

Since I don't need to heat the upstairs very much, I would like to close the vents in the bedrooms up there so that more warm air would be circulated to the downstairs vents. Can I do that? When I moved in some people told me that the way my vents were set up that I can't do that but I didn't understand why? What would be a reason why I can't shut the upstairs vents? I do have intake vents near the floor of each room. I don't even understand what an intake vent does?

Sometimes it feels like there is no heat coming out of the vents downstairs when the heater is on. When I put my hands up near the vents I can determine that they are in fact open but I would have expected a stronger air current coming out of them. Instead there is just a very light stream of air coming out. How much air should I expect to be blown out?

Maybe I'm just a California girl that needs to come to terms with a 2 story-valuted-ceiling house in a Memphis, TN winter
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Ill say from hot to cold

First you say brand new home.------- Get the builder and the heat and cool guys back right now and make them work on it. Dont let this get by.Call them now.

Yes you can play with it a little and close down the registers some on the top floor and see if that helps. Up and down with the same unit is hard to get right. Have you tried the tstat to fan on and see if you get more air that way??Or let the fan run all the time when its real cold helps some.

You also said new home.Was the heat or AC on when they where working on this home at all?????? Does the filter and duct work have a lot of dirt in it??????. they should clean it all for you.

helplessgal------ go get em ED
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Thanks Ed! So, I'm not crazy. It's not working up to par, huh? That's a good idea - to put the fan on all the time. I'll try that. I'm not sure if the heat/air was on when they built the home, the house was finished way before I purchased it. Although, when I bought it they didn't have the power turned on at all until I connected it so there wasn't much going on here in the way of AC/heat. I bought the home in the summer and the A/C didn't work at first. I'm not sure what was wrong but they came out and fixed it right away. I just wasn't sure if what I'm experiencing is what I should expect or not. But if you say I should be getting more air flow then I'll start pursuing my warranty with the builder. I think I'll check with my neighbors too. They might think I'm strange if I ask to feel their vents, but hey, I'm not shy

If I close some of the registers upstairs what's the worse that could happen? Is there any risk to doing this. I just know that I was told not to but I don't understand why. My house won't catch on fire or anything, will it?

Thanks again Ed!
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Hot pink hurts my eyes. But it's ok .

Running the fan should help for now and wont cost much. Since heat rises it naturally wants to go upstairs. Running the fan all the time will help keep air circulated. The air returns are what sends room air back to the furnace to get treated and sent back out to condition your space. They should have balanced the system to compinsate for this. You could partially close them just not completly. If you start cutting off airflow to your furnace you're taking a chance of overheating it and will go off on a safety.
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