Furnace Comparisons/questions


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Question Furnace Comparisons/questions

Furnace Comparison

About 2wks ago my sears furnace died, it was installed in 83, and I believe it was a Goodman. Old unit was a 125k Btu furnace and I have learned it was over sized for my ranch home. Back in April of 03 I had to replace the condenser, it was replaced with a ducane (made by jannitrol I think). Since then I have contacted 3 companies to give me estimates on a new furnace. Estimates I have received are for a trane, amana and a concord (Armstrong air) models. I tried getting estimates on the same make/model but no company would do that [side question: why is that? Are they trying avoid a bidding war?] but only pitch their suggested brand. Hereís the estimates I have gotten, all companies will do the exact same work just a different 100k btu furnace.

Amana 80% eff series: $2200
Trane XE 80 upflow: $2195
Armstrong air Ultra V Tech 91: 2075

All the companies agreed that my a-coil should have been replaced and inspected and that it can be lengthy job and a messy one depending on age of the old condenser. I do not remember the installer for the condenser doing any interior work, and all in all he installed the new unit and left in about 45mins. I did some research on the net about a-coils and learned about contamination problems when an a-coil isnít replaced.

A trust currently owns the house I live in, and is finically responsible for all upkeep/repairs for the house. Today I faxed over all the estimates I gathered to the trustee and he has suggested I go with a trane unit, based on brand name, and that he knows some people who have them in their homes. However from talking to the 2 of the companies (who didnít suggest a trane) they said a trane is a great unit, and seldomly breaks down but when it does it will be costly to fix and they are some of the most expensive units you can buy. Personally I like the Armstrong model, for efficiency, cost effectiveness, and future repair costs. After mentioning the potential problems with the condenser to the trustee, he wants to just replace everything now to avoid having to deal with problems again. The condenser will be another 3ton model just like the current one I have. So I have to collect more estimates now, however I just have the following questions before I go any further.

Between these 3 furnaces is anyone better than the other (besides the efficiency)?
Have any of the heating/cooling companies lied to me at all, and about repair costs?
Does anyone have any suggestions for me?
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All the brands are good.. But i stronlgy prefer the Trane/American Standard, and then Rheem/Ruud line.

As the XE80, I not heard of that model, and I don't see it on the Trane's web sight.. I am guessing it's Trane XV80?

If it's the XV80, that's tbe best you can get..

The main thing, make sure the dealer do the heat lost/gain program on your home.. AN oversized system is a waste of money, and not comfortable.

I would suggest you to buy the Extended Warranties. yes, it may cost money up front. but then you are covred

As for the A-Coil, i woiuld get that out and replaced with a matching coil.. Make sure they install filter/dryer in the line sets.. May best to have the system tested for sign of burn out or what ever happend to the old unit.
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well i am shocked. i am holding the flyer in my hand for the XE 80 Gas Furnace series and i went to trane.com and i can't find anything about it either. Model number for the xe 80 i have an estimate for is: TUD120C960J

from the pictures in the flyer i have, it looks just like this one http://www.trane.com/Residential/Pro...naces/XB80.asp and the only difference between them, is mine only has a 1yr warrenty on parts, and a 20yr warrenty on the heat exchanger.

the oldest condesnor was a carrier, and before the summer last yr came, i tried turning the a/c on, and this condensor would spin up for about 30seks, then shut down and start back up for another 30seks. the carrier was dirt old, and i would easly guess it came out of the 70's. it didn't have an exterior fuse box installed, so it was put in before that was a requirment. I called the trustee and he directed me to the shady Ducane installer, and i know he didn't install an a-coil. in any case, the trustee now wants everything replaced, furance condensor and lines. so i should be able to avoid any contamination problems, hopefully.

i have dealt with a rheem before, back in the late 80's in a heat pump system, and my family had so many problems with them. everything from relays dieing, to leaks.. it was just a constant headache.

jay i thank you for the info, but have you heard anything negitive/good about the armstrong vtech91 model ?
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If a trust is paying for it and suggests replacing the whole thing that's the best idea. Be sure and get a heat load/loss calculation to assure a properly sized system. Also being in Clevland if the furnace is in the basement go w/a90+ eff. It will pay for itself in them cold winters.
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have you heard anything negitive/good about the armstrong vtech91 model ?
I have not been around them or seen them.. So I honestly do not know what to say.. They are not seen around here.. It's mostly

If you do decide to go with Trane, I'd question the dealer what's with the XE80. If it's a new model that hasn't been posted on Trane websight, or if it's old stock.

If possible and the system is in the basement, go 90% like Matt said.
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Like has been said here Id go for the Trane are Rheem here for sure .The furnace up there go for a 90 AFUE and on the AC a SEER of 12 to 14 with new coil and out door unit.Make sure they run a heat/AC load and loss

Im lost with the numbers you give here. On the Trane furnace
I have only a XV80 XL80 XR80 XB80. The same in the top of the line like XV90 XL90 XR90 XB90

On that TUD120C96J number. The best I can do is TUD120C960 with a K or F on the end of it.

So if its a trust Id try for a Trane XV90 TUY120R9V5W

and a Trane A/C XR12 (2TTR2) Stay with the R22 freon for now. You say you have a 3ton that would be a 2TTR2036A1000A with a A coil and case
With this furnace and AC at the same time you should get 20 years on the heat exchanger +10 years on parts ask about the add on warranty you should get with it all put in at one time


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i thank you guys for all the great recommendations.
however some new things have come up, the company who gave me an estimate on the xe 80 trane, has added an additional 1400 to the estimate he already gave me and wasn't able to explain why it was being added on, so the trustee refuses to go with that comapny (and for good reason)

i am having one of the other 2companies write me up an estimate for full trane system (90% eff) inside and out. i should have it by monday. however i have no idea what specific model he's writing up in that estimate.

after studying the trane flyer i found a Copyright, and it was dated 2000 so this furnace is pretty old, and that company was trying to sell me a 4old furnaces at current furnace prices. i am really glad the company shot themselves in the foot before i saw this.
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When you say top of the line you dont need it on the A/C just the heat Id make sure that it is R 22 not the 410A ED

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