Dead "Cozy" furnace


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Dead "Cozy" furnace

I have a Cozy wall furnace that was installed in 1999 that now won't turn on. The pilot light lights and stays lit but we don't hear that familiar click when we turn on the thermostat so it never starts. I had the company that installed it come and check it. They spent 2 1/2 hrs looking it over and were so exasperated that they couldn't diagnose the problem that they didn't charge me for the service call. At first he thought it was the thermocoupler...not!....then tested the electrical at several points....not!....Nothing seemed to be out of place except it won't turn on. Needless to say we spent this past winter with those darn electrical space heaters that heated up only my light bill. Any ideas??? Thanks, Wayover20
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Did you or they jump the t-stat to make sure that wasn't the problem 1st?

Are you or do you have the ability to use a multi-meter. You will need to confirm a few things with it.
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Did you or they jump the t-stat to make sure that wasn't the problem 1st?

Are you or do you have the ability to use a multi-meter. You will need to confirm a few things with it. see, I first thought it was just the thermo. so I bought another one and still got nothing. Then I just hooked the 2 wires that come out of the wall to the thermo, together and still nothing. When I went to return the thermo, the guy at the counter struck up a conversation with me and I told him what the thing was (wasn't) doing. He was an electrician and came over and spent 1 1/2hrs checking it with all sorts of tools (the multi-meter showed a charge but I forgot the number) and couldn't figure it out. He went all along the electrical route, from the ceiling to the housing on the floor, to the wall, checking for power problems and finding it was all getting the electricity it should. He finally gave up. That's when I called the original installers who again couldn't diagnose it. I was wondering, if it's getting the power, why doesn't it at least trip the thermostat? It doesn't flash or click at all. Nothing. The gas works, pilot light stayed on all winter. That's it.
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you are obviously not dealing with professionals, this would be not too hard to isolate. is there voltage at the tstat? you say there is power to the unit. does the tstat send power back to the valve? if there is voltage at the valve it is bad, if there is no voltage at the tstat the transformer (if it is not millivolt) may be bad or weak. if it is leaving the tstat and not reaching the valve, either the wire is bad or a safety may have it out.
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Im with hvac4u here get a new sevice guy. If you jump it at the gas valve will it come on?Do you know if the unit is powered by 110V or like most wall units its a Millivolt set up and it makes its own electric. You can have a generator or a thermopile for 250mV to 750 mV. Take the one out at the pilot and get one just like it ED
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Hello: wayover20

Very possible there is a downdraft divertor sensor in the downdraft divertor which is keeping the system shut down.

It would keep the burner shut down but not the pilot shut off. May be a fuseable link instead of an auto or manual resetting safety.

Another possibleity is the gas valves internal solenoid. May not be opening but not grounding out the milivolt system. Just keeping the solenoid valve from opening to allow gas to flow to the burner.

How a servie tech could overlook these two aspects leads me to believe they are not well trained in tech services. Thus I agree with all mods and members replying, you have not yet found a well trained heating appliance service tech.

"My Two Cents."
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Wow!......Great info. Thanks to all! I will save this and get me another tech.
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Power @ gas valve

You need to know if you are getting power @ the gas valve or not, pretty simple task for a qualified tech.
BTW these units are notorious for poor connections throughout the system.
Any little resistance will prevent a MV system from operating.
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