flame roll-out switch lockout.


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Question flame roll-out switch lockout.(huh?)

Hi, I live in New Jersey and have a 6 year old Carrier auto-light
gas furnace, which was serviced in November. I came home today and the temp. was down below the set level on a digital combo ac/heat thermostat. I went to the basement and the red light was blinking out code 13, I looked up the code in the book I got when it was installed and it read as follows:
Limit or flame roll-out switch lockout, refer to code 33.
Code 33: Limit or flame roll-out switch open, if open longer than 3 min. code changes to 13.
Check for: defective blower motor, loose blower wheel, dirty filter or duct system, deffective switch or connection, inadequate combustion air supply flame roll-out switch or fuse link, open flame roll-out switch, will reset after 3 hours or manual reset.
It has to be the flame roll-out switch open, because it changed to code 13 as described above.
The manual doesn't say how to manual reset, so I shut the heat off then turned the emergency off switch to off cutting power to furnace after 3 min. I turned it back on and now it seems to be working.
What is flame roll-out switch open/locked? And what happened?
P.S. About the time it went out, a monster thunder storm came through the area with high winds and dumped 1 and 1/2 inches of rain in about 40 min.
Thanks for any info everyone!
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Hello: peglegpiney

Excellent Question. What is a roll out switch. Now lets see if I can explain it in less than 500 words...hahaha...

The roll out switch is a safety device which senses heat and or flames. When a condition sets in where the flames want to roll backwards out of the firebox instead of into the firebox, the condition is sensed by the roll out switch.

In other words, when you are facing the front of the furnace, the flames from the burner are going or facing away from you. Usually upwards or horizontally into the firebox.

When a condition causes the flames to burner outwards towards you, they would be going backwards out of the firebox. A condition which is highly dangerous. The condition causes extremely high levels of un burned or partially burned fuel.

High levels of partially burned or non burner gas creates high levels of carbon monoxides. Thus the rollout safet device senses the rollout, the circuit opens and breaks the electrical contact.

When the electrical contact connection is broken by the opened rollout switch, the burner shuts down and the rollout switch eithers locks out or the main circuit board locks out.

Turning off the power as you did reset the safety system. However, repeated rollouts, repeated resetings and or repeated main circuit board shut downs will cause a total lockout of all furnace usage until it is sereviced by a pro.

Some rollout switchs are resetable. Some are not. Some burn out and must be replaced which often gets a service tech out. Once the tech arrives, determines the cause, an inspection of the furnace condition is done.

At that time he/she can determine if the cause of the condition is able to be fixed or the furnace is a possible killer if left in service. Protects people while protecting the companies from liabilities, etc.

Most likely, that severe wind caused a reverse draft to enter down the furnace flue, distorting the flames which triggered the rollout switch.

>>Most likely a one time rare event. The switch did it's intended job very well, as they usually do.<<

No real harm may exist >unless the problem reoccurs often.< At which time total lockout will result and the tech will be required.

Hope all the above makes some sense, is clearly worded on my part and easily understood. If not, I could try again. Use the reply button to update this post, if need be.
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Thank You, I was thinking the wind or something else. Its been working fine since then (cycled on and off 3 times since), but I wanted to be sure (2 kids in the House). What you wrote made perfect sense to me, THANK YOU!!.
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