Heater blowing cool air


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Question Heater blowing cool air

Hi, I have a Lennox Conservator III G16R that has been working perfectly for at least the past 8 years since we bought our home. Now, when I turn on the heater, I hear it "click" a few times then the pilot is lit. After about a minute the blower turns on, but only blows cool air. I believe that when it worked correctly I would hear the burners fire up?

I'm pretty handy but I don't know anything about heaters; also I smell an extremely faint hint of gas when the pilot is lit. Is there anything I can do/try or should I call an expert? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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sounds like a pilot sensor is not sensing th pilot flame. probably need a pro out there
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Hello MontanaSky. Welcome to the Heating Furnaces forum topic and the Do It Yourself Web Site.

If my memory serves me, that model uses a tiny glow coil which lights a pilot flame. Once flame is established, power to coil is shut off. If pilot does not light or remain on, unit tries again to establish a pilot flame. Unit set to cycle 3 times than shut down but not lock uo or lock out.

During such times, as the cycling tries to light a pilot flame, providing glow ignitor works or does not work (glows or does not glow another issue) pilot gas wil come out of pilot assembly. Most likely why you smell faint smell of gas. Normal condition for those types of pilot systems.

If glow igntior is glowing, that is okay. If it is not glowing, ignitor must be replaced. Glow coils to light pilot flames do burner out after some years of service. 8+ years is about right for those types of pilot flame ignitors.

To help resolve the problem, clean the pilot assembly. Will most likely need to remove and disassemble pilot assembly to clean. Use care and be careful not to break any part or fitting. Delicate task to clean or replace part.
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Smile Cleaning did the trick

Thanks for the replies. I took it apart and cleaned the pilot assembly (and a number of other things that I don't know the names of) and put it back together and it worked. Nice and warm now. Thanks again for all the help.
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