Space Heater


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Jane Doe248
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Space Heater

I am looking to buy an lp gas space heater. I have found what appears to be a good buy, but have never heard of the brand. A good deal is only a good deal if it will work properly. Was wondering if anyone know anything about the SunStar products. I am looking at the 30,000 btu unit. Would appreciate any info. I am buying to replace a heater that was stolen. It is in a small rent house and so I hate to spend a lot of money, possibly only to have it stolen again. This would be the only source of heat. The 4 burner Vanguard we had previously, heated the house with no problem. Thanks
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is it a vented heater?
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Jane Doe248
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Space Heater

No it is ventless. I noticed on the doityourself site the same heater after my post. It is a product of Korea.
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In spite of being for sale on this site I would urge you to take a good look at the safety aspect of ventless heaters.
The only place you will find favorable information is in the manufacturers literature.

They are banned in a number of states and in Canada.

If you read back through previous posts in this forum you will come across a lot of discussion on this.

Trade link with ventless info.

Dept. of Energy link to ventless info.
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I'm w/ Gregg on this.. Do some reading on it.

I am aginst this system.. Also, with you being a Landlord, toooo risky to have a death lawsuit at your door steps.

What's cheaper?

-Spend some money and have a system installed way it should be and vented and no death?

-Have a ventless system installed to save some money on your profit of being a landlord, and then down the road a renter dies from CO, then a lawsuit?

I am sorry if this sounds harsh. I am sooo tired of landlords trying to be cheap on thier proporty, and have the renter "suffer"...
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Jane Doe248
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Jay -
Sounds a little dramatic to me. This is the same house we lived in for 10 years and the same stove we used the last year we lived there. I would not knowingly endanger anyone. We purchased this stove because the local gas company said it was the best option for a small house. They said the stoves were safe and efficient and that they knew of no downside to their use. We felt we were making a good choice. Being responsible is what prompted me to ask about the new stove. I do not wish to injure anyone. Perhaps you should consider that not all home owners are monsters. However, I did spend a week cleaning the house after the last renter, who stole approx. $500 worth of property from the house and left holes in the walls. I am not the villian here.
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Jane Doe248,

I agree that being a landlord is not the picnic some think it is.

I warn people about these heaters, not from an alarmist perspective but rather from the angle of someone who works with heating and knows by experience how these things fail and what can happen when they do.
Not everyone who uses these things will die. In fact, very few will die or even get sick.

Although not common, deaths, injuries and fires are reported being caused by these things, in numbers that make them stand out from the normal hazards of conventional gas appliances.
I heard the number of eight times more likely to be injured or hurt by ventless heaters but can't find the source right now.

What I find disturbing is that because they are allowed to be sold in some states, reps offer safety advice based on the manufacturers literature.
There is no law that they disclose the increased potential for death or injury.

As far as a lawsuit goes, as long as the unit can be used in your State, is installed in an approved location by a licensed gasfitter and regularly maintained, your liability insurance coverage will likely be in effect.

All I'm suggesting is that you check the facts and weight the risks and decide if these are suitable for you or your tennants.

Tell me, from your perspective, does the info in the links look alarmist or sensational?
I have used them before but am not sure what others think.
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