Using a propane tank with heater inside the house!


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Using a propane tank with heater inside the house!

I walked into a friend's house today and found that since his furnace is broken he has a gas heater powered by a (brand new) propane tank right next to it. I panicked when I saw it and told him it was incredibly dangerous and he said it was a brand new tank and propane doesnt release monoxide. I still am very worried and upset about the set up. He asked (actually challenged) me directly to what the problem was, I couldnt answer him. Am I over reacting? If not what in the world can I tell him to stop using this set up! I'm hoping to get some answers to give him and I hope this post will actually make some people who are thinking of doing this NOT TO. With the high heating bills coming up I'm afraid he wont be the only one out there with this idea.
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Lets try this that kind of heater is for like on the job in open building. Not in a home. If you check it is the law that you cant buy or sell the ventfree gas room heaters in most of the states. Also the good ones come with a safety set up. ha ha it senses depletion of the oxygen and will turn off. BUT YOUR DEAD FROM THE CARBON MONOXIDE
before that.

Hope this helps get him to turn it off

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Thanks so much but a few other questions

He has a regular grill propane tank attached to a vent-free natural gas heater. I looked all over and I couldnt find any reference that those things can leak carbon monoxide, only charcoal grill used indoors. He got this one at a home improvement store near him.
Obviously they werent designed to be used like this but are ALL these types dangerous? I know nothing is 100% safe so I'm not asking for any guarantees but these vent-free heaters must say that the propane tanks have to be outside, right? So it's a fact that propane tanks like the ones used on grills can emit carbon monoxide? I hate to say this out loud but he also used a gas stove about 15 feet away. He says that because the hoses are new that Im worrying for nothing. I dont believe I am.
Thanks for helping by the way, I appreciate it.
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Under ideal conditions according to the manufactures they are safe.

BUT. If the air fuel ratio is off a little it will start releasing co and you wont wake up. They are outlawed in many states and in Canada, and I don't care what the maker claims there's not a chance in the world I would put my families life in jepordy to save some money.
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