Is propane company overcharging us?


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Is propane company overcharging us?

I saw a delivery guy charging the tank outside of the house on 3/7 but he didnít leave the ticket before he left. Now I received the statement from the propane company stating they delivered 250 gallons. I was shocked because I checked the meter on the tank on 3/6 and itís at 50% mark. The tank has a 500 gallons capacity and was charged to 80%, this translate to 150 gallons. I called them and they told me the ticked says they started at 35% and stopped at 80%. This canít be right because in order to deliver 250 gallon one has to start from 30% (80%-30% times 500). I told the guy on the phone that I checked the meter the day before the delivery and it was at 50%, he then told me the meter was not very accurate and what matters is the reading on the truck. I know the meter on the tank is accurate at 80% and at 0%. I know this because last time (also the first time, we are only using propane temporarily until natural gas is available in our subdivision) they charged the tank from complete empty to 80% and the ticket shows about 400 gallons was delivered. I checked the meter regularly and the meter goes down about 10% every 10 days indicating we use 50 gallons every 10 days. All these tell me the meter on the tank is quite accurate. Do you think we are been cheated by the gas company or there are something I donít understand about the propane delivery business? If itís former then what should do about this? Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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Without documentation I would think it's your word against theirs and I would imagine they would be able to show that their truck meter is calibrated. Even though that don't say they didn't cheat you.

Just find a differant gas company and make sure you're there when they fill it.
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Propane delivery

In my area & I would presume everywhere, propane has to be metered at the truck & a delivery ticket printed by the meter. These tickets are always multi-copy with one usually being left for the consumer. If the driver did not leave a copy with you, call or go to the supplier & ask to see a copy of the delivery ticket. If they can't/won't give you a copy, contact consumer affairs or whomever in your area that handles enforcement of such laws.

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