Furnace will not ignite


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If the furnace was recently serviced, I suggest you call the servicer back & let them know what is going on.
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Iintermittent failure to ignite

My problem seems very similar to the others in this thread except that it is intermittent. The furnace may work fine for days or weeks and then it fails to ignite. Usually, the blower will be on and the pressure switch closed (0 v across, 24 v to GRD).
The first time this happen I called a service man. The burners popped on just as he walked up. He did some minor cleaning then declared the furnace functioning. After that whenever the furnace went out, I just went out and "jiggle the wires" until the burners come on.

The furnace is Arcoaire (Int. Comfort Product) PGAA60D1K6. The gas valve says Honeywell with no P/N visible but it looks like the original valve. The igniter/sensor looks new (We just moved in when the problem came up.)

My "jiggling the wires" has been refined to placing a voltmeter probe on the black wire (one of 3) going from the valve to the igniter/sensor. The wire mostly reads 2.1 v AC vs. GRD., once it briefly read 9v. Usually as soon as I touch it I hear a relay click and I see the igniter glow, the pilot, then the main burner. Sometime it requires probing the other 2 wires (which always seem to have only a small DC voltage between them). Sometimes I hear multiple relay clicks before final ignition.

I thought the 4-pin connector might not be making good contact so I put a small amount of conductive silver paste on the contacts. This didn't seem to have any effect.

This may be unrelated but before this problem came up the whole controller board was replaced (same service man). Something had shorted on the board burning a 1" hole in the circuit board. Very frightening! I'm glad the furnace is outside on the ground.

The intermittent problem seems to have gotten worse in the last few days. On one hand I hope it stops completely and I just call the service man. On the other hand, I've spent so much effort on it I would like to fix it myself.

From previous posts my guess is that I have the notorious Honeywell smart valve. Any comments or suggestions?

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Originally Posted by rleyden View Post
From previous posts my guess is that I have the notorious Honeywell smart valve. Any comments or suggestions?

Let us know if you do or if you don't.

I've had a couple intermittant furnace repairs this winter, attributed to pin connectors at modules or jack connectors, whose male pins were not wide enough anymore to fully engage their female counterparts, so I spread the split pins some and solve the problems.
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