oil burner electrode adjustment??


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oil burner electrode adjustment??

I recently replaced the filter, nozzle, and electrodes on my Ducane oil burner. It had been a few years since this was done so I took it on and did it myself. All went well and the furnace runs fine except when it first fires up. The fuel doen't seem to ignite for a couple seconds after the pump starts and when it does it explodes sending out a medium puff of smoke which seeps into the forced hot air part of the system and creates a slight but noticeable smell in the house. I feel that I may have put the electrodes in slightly wrong. They are even with the end of the nozzle and about 3/16ths" apart. I believe the problem may be that the way I obtained the gap was by angling the ends of the electrodes down toward the nozzle by turning the porcelain parts in the holder.Should they be even, all parts of the electrode in the same plane? was this my mistake? All responses will be appreciated.
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Electrode adjustment

With a Ducane burner, I have always had good success using Beckett's "old" electrode settings as follows: 7/16" above the nozzle center; 1/16 to 1/8" ahead of the nozzle face; 1/8 to 5/32" gap.

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