Honeywell Thermostat Cycles Furnace Too Often

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Smile Honeywell Thermostat Cycles Furnace Too Often

I have an older home with an Acroaire furnace and a Honeywell MagicStat(T8112D10051) thermostat. The thermostat seems to cycle the furnace on/off too frequently. During cold weather it seems to turn the furnace back on 5 minutes after the appropriate temperature has been reached. The temperature in the house does not seem to warrant the furnace turning on

Is this too frequent? according to a small manual I have on the thermostat, there are no adjustments I can make to limit this cycling on/off.

I have replaced the batteries in the thermostat and I have varied the temperature set point to see if this has an effect on the cycling. It does not.
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Does the manual say that specifically? - that there is nothing you can adjust? It actually says that?

Could it be you have a thermostat not applicable to your fuel or furnace type?

Could it be that you have heat getting to your thermostat? Does your house, while this is going on, feel like you have even heat distribiution throughout the house?, or like, let's say, is it colder upstairs? (if you have an upstairs).

I have seen cases where the thermostat was actually mounted over a heat register! (Not good.). I have also seen the thermostat in a hall, across from the bathroom door, that blasts hot air out of the bathroom and heats up the thermostat too fast, and causes this rapid cycling.

If a thermostat is subject to some of this stuff, then the furnace never runs long enough to let enough air out the other registers, and other areas of the house can feel colder than at the thermostat.
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My honeywell thermotat does have an adjustment, but mine is not your model. However, the claim for mine is less than one degree variation, and Honeywell claimes on their website (did you check it yet?) that the heater should cycle 3 to 6 times per hour, which could be 5min on,5min off.
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You can change the cycles on this stat.

Snap it off the wall subbase, and there should be a set of screws.. Read the screws settings on the back to match your system... Question feel free to write back here.
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On a side note

My thermostat is located in the dining room far away from any registers, but like the OP said, my gas furnace cycles on and off too often? I will try the "screw" method tonight, but I have one more question.

I live in a 2 story colonial house and its always colder on the 1st floor than the 2nd floor, but to reduce electricity consumption, I do not want to run my fan 24x7. Is there a way I can hook up the 2nd thermosat on the 2nd floor, then somehow make them talk together to kick on the fan when the "average" temperature drops to a certain point? Are there simpler solutions?
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Close the 2nd floor registeries, or part of them.

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