Furnace trips out every so often...


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Furnace trips out every so often...

1. In which area you live and ambient temperatures you usually experience.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Temps anywhere from -40 to +35.

2. House style and construction details.
Bungalow, 1500 Sq Ft.

3. Make, model and age of equipment related to the problem.
lennox g24m. bout 10 years I think.

4. Fuel type.
Natural gas fired.

5. Water temperature and pressures of boiler systems.

6. What type of zoning do you have with your boiler system.

7. Thermostat type.
Digital and schedulable. 4 years old.

Hi all, new here

The girlfriends lennox furnace is getting cranky lately. It acts up in the same way everytime and I don't know why anymore. She had the entire system cleaned 3 weeks ago.

When the furnace trips out, it'll give a "slow alternating flash" as a trouble code. I've been told that most times it's the "flame sensor" or the thermocouple. She has a digital thermostat, the batteries are changed regularly.

The heat has been off all day today but resetting the furnace kicked it back in. It worked for about 5 or so minutes, then tripped out again. I reset this puppy about 10 times tonite just to keep the ice off the kids noses. This is when it gives the trouble code and was like this all evening too. Then for no apparent reason, it started working again tonite. Ran normally for a few hours and was working fine when I left. It does this periodically and I really don't know why.

This furnace runs fine for a month then acts up for a day. Go figure.

Any ideas?
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On the service panel or on the furnace itself should be a trouble shooting chart. You count the flashing code and compare it to the list and that will lead you in the right direction.

Check that and let us know what it says.
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Link here:

It's 6.2, burners light but fail to stay lit. It's really weird, it does this once every so often then seems to cure itself. I removed the flame sensor and cleaned it, may have to order one.
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ok, problem fixed I guess. The local gas company showed up last night after a phone call from the GF. We have been doing some renos to her house over the last couple of years and I guess some drywall dust got in where it didn't belong. I tried to be careful to cover vents in areas where we worked but not good enuf I guess.

Anyhow, fixed free of charge and they upgraded her gas meter at the same time too

Thanks for the reply mattison.
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hey rynes, any idea on where the dust was, my furnance has been acting up too and we also have been renovating and drywallong in the basement close to the furnace. i'm thinking it may be a similar issue....thanks serb
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oil furnace smells

I own a 1975 gulf oil furnace.
we have had many problemws with it this winter. #1 the high limit/fan limit switch broke, cost 350.00
#2transformer went. 400.00 to fix
#3cleaned furnace 200.00 more
#4split phase belt driven blower motor went 350.00 dollars to fix.
My questions are
#1 are these prices reasonable.
#2 we have been with precision air technichians they have been reliable untill the transformer,at that time they kept spraying unburnt oil into the furnace to see if it would lite. between them playing around with it and the 90 second initial sparay before the switch kicked it off it caused the loudest roar i have ever heard once it was working and a ton of black smoke came out of the ducts,furnace ,and the chimminey. Was this suppost to happen and what damage could it have caused to the heater.
#3 when fan broke we started heater and let the oil burner runb to see what was wrong with the heater we did this twice and the high limit was reached. eventrally the service tech fixed it but ever since that and since we duct taped the hole that the tech left in the flue pipe the furnace has been smelling like a burning plastic/burning oil scent when running. WHAT IS THE SMELL? Is the tape around the flue safe? and could the furnace rising to the high limit at least 5 times have caused this?
Thanks, mike

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