distributing heat from wood stove

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Question distributing heat from wood stove

I'm trying to figure out how to move heated air (from a wood stove) from one area of the house to another. The more I read the more confused I get! The house is 3700 square foot ranch, no basement, no attic, but suspended ceilings. Can we, without violating any codes, put duct work in the same room as the woodstove (without connecting it to the stove) and use small fans to push the warm air into other parts of the house? We would put a vent in the ceiling and run the ducts above the tiles. Our idea was also to install small fans to help move the air to the other side of the house. Any ideas, suggestions, or confirmations that this may work would be greatly appreciated.
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If the wood stove is big enough for the house you should not need to move the heat as it should move its self through. Sometimes cooling fans from PCs work well if mounted in the corner of a door. you can pick them up used from a computer repair place. I would suspect that there is an issue with your woodstove setup if it does not heat your house properly. You need a stove that is effecient enough to heat a house that large. You need a damper on the stove and need to know how to properly use it. You also want your chimney somewhere in the center of the house to avoid loss of heat to the outside and backdrafts. Chimneys that are built on an outside wall are more for decorative use and will not be real affective at heating a house.
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You would have to check very closely into what constitutes ductwork being connected to your wood stove.
It does not have to be physically attached to be considered connected for insurance and code purposes.

There is a problem with trying to move wood generated heat from a stove to the far reaches of your home.
It is that the further away the intake of a fan is from the heat source, the greater volume of air you need to move.
The only thing you are permitted to attach to your stove is a fan unit provided by the stove maker, specifically approved for the model of stove you have and its installation.

I have seen someone use a large pedestal fan near the doorway of the family room with a stove and a second near a hallway to blow towards the bedrooms.
If you want to more evenly distribute wood heat you would need to buy a wood burning furnace that is meant to be ducted.

In what climatic area do you live?
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I am not a trained AC guy but on my woodstove, it is equipped with an area to add a fan (overpriced of course) so I simply got one of those low lying quiet fans (all metal), set it behind the stove on the floor aimed upward into that channel and it pushes right out the top and works quite well.

I don't think one stove is going to heat a 3700 sq foot home though. My home is about 3400 square feet and that stove wouldnt come close to that. Of course, this all depends on just how cold it gets there.

I think logically, what you are thinking would at least get the heat elsewhere but probably wouldnt look pretty with a bunch of flex pipe running everywhere and jury rigged to a fan. You have to capture that heat from the stove, which is probably best through the channel i mentioned and then force it outward from there.

Other fans placed in various spots of the room pushing into an adjacent room would be another make shift way but at some point your heat will dissipate.

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Turn on your furnace/AC unit's fan (without running the heat or AC). We distribute our wood stove heat this way and it works pretty darn well. You need to have cold air returns near the stove and also in the far reaches of the house to circulate things properly though.

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