Heat stops after a minute, furnace keeps running.


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Heat stops after a minute, furnace keeps running.

I have a 25 year old Olsen duomatic high efficiency furnace.

Sometimes it works fine, sometimes it gives heat for about a minute, then the hot air stops, but the furnace keeps running and running. I stop it by turning the thermostat dial down.

Unfortunately when the contractor came to have a look, it was working fine. They said that if it happens again to leave the furnace running and call them right away.

They also speculated that it could be that either the gas valve or ignition module is faulty but they are expensive to repair so there is no point in guessing.

They also told me that what is normal operation for my furnace is not actually how it should be running. The flames will come on, heat will come out, the flames turn off and the blower pushes the hot air out and then the flames come on again, go off, come on, etc. until the temperature set on the thermostat is reached. They said the flames should come on and stay on until the desired temperature is reached. They said to fix this second problem would mean cleaning the blower, secondary heat exchanger and coil at a cost of about $1,000.00. I decided to do nothing for now about this second problem and wait until the Spring for the specials to replace the furnace.

Any thoughts on the first problem, anyone?

Thanks in advance.

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Cleaning the furnace may take care of both probelms. That much cleaning would be extra. $1000 is alot to put in a 25 year old furnace.
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They said the flames should come on and stay on until the desired temperature is reached.
From what they told you .yes it need cleaning. You can check the filter get a new one in . look at the blower wheel and see if its bad you can clean that ok. you can also check and clean the AC coil on the furnace there. All of this is a DIY job.

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