Replacing Intermittent Pilot Ignition Control


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I seem to have a similar problem with the same control unit. The control unit is the same one since I bought the house 3 years ago. I followed the product manual troubleshooting and came up with not having 24v at the pilot valve (Terminal 1), the electronic ignition does create a spark. I checked MV (terminal 3) and also no 24 volts. Even the 24V block doesnt have 24v. my questions are, why does the LED stay on solid if there is a fault? Also, why is it that the heater unit works intermitantly? If i supply 24v to the PV the pilot starts and stays on until I remove the 24v. can the control unit be intermitently working and should i replace it. When the unit does work, it will run for no more than a couple of minutes and then shut off. Can it be the thermostat control unit in the house? Where could I find a replacement unit aside from the internet?


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Hi nuez:

First thing to do is jumper the thermostat to eliminate it from the equation. What module do you have the Honeywell or the Johnson? Can you post the brand and model # of your furnace?
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Hey DJ,
I assume the thermo you are talking about is in the heating unit about 5 inches from were the heat torch is at. This thermo is in series with the power for the blower and when the heater is turned on, the blower works and stays on as long as the unit is set to heat. When I unplug one wire from the thermostat, the blower tursn off. The product label is faded and can't tell what the model is, I just know it is a Carrier weathertech. The controler in the unit is the johnson.

does this help. I could take a picture tomorrow and post it if it would help.

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Thanks for the support, but I fixed it by buying a new ignition control unit. I followed the troubleshooting chart and it told me that if there was not 24v coming from the PV connection, then the unit had to be replaced.

Parts: $90.27
Labor: $0.00



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