can it be fixed ----miller oil furnace


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can it be fixed ----miller oil furnace

forgive me if i am unsure of the correct lingo, but, the HVAC repairman just left my house after a 5 minute visit and told me my heater was trash and i need to replace it...

the heater will run, but, it looks like the pipe?? connecting from the flame box to the exhaust pipe?? on the top of the heater has rusted away, due to a previous leak around the roof vent... so, if i turn the heater on gobs of smoke fills my home....the heater is 14 yrs old and the blower and ignitor switch were replaced in the last 3 yrs.

is it possible to replace the missing connection or do it have to find 2500.00 to replace the unit.....oh, i live in a modular home.....during the 5 minute visit, he did turn anything on.. just opned the door to the uniy and looked down the top of the unit
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Did he say why it could not be fixed!
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no, he didn't......only that if we used the heater the carbon monoxide would harm us (duh)
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Chances are the tech saw a deteriorated heat exchanger.

The heat exchanger is a chamber of sorts, made of steel that the inside heats up from the burner and channels the exhaust up the vent (chimney). The blower of the furnace blows the air over the outside of the heat exchanger and blows the heated air into the house. Anytime the integrity of the heat exchanger is compromised, the flue gases (exhaust and carbon monoxide) will be introduced into the living space of the house.

What I'm suspecting has happened is the leak from the roof jack has rotted away the top of the heat exchanger. Unfortunately there is not piece that is sold to replace what is missing as the heat exchanger goes from where the exhaust vent pipe sits on top, to the bottom of the furnace below where the burner is.

While, in theory, this might be able to be fixed by a welder putting a new piece of steel on it, I don't think any one in their right mind would make themselves liable for doing so, not to mention the cost of stripping the whole furnace down just to expose the bare heat exchanger. Also, being the it's 14 years old as it is, you wouldn't get that much more life out of it. Chances are if the top has rotted away, then further down is deteriorating.

In short, I'd have to say it's worth the $2500 to replace the furnace (and roof jack if needed). The alternative would be potentially succumbing to carbon monoxide poisoning.
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Rusted Out

For the top of a mobile home furnace to be rusted out is quite common & as hankhill said, that furnace is near the end of it's normal life expectancy. The $2500 is cheap insurance against being dead from carbon monoxide some morning.

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