Copper natural gas line into furnance


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Question Copper natural gas line into furnance

The gas meter from outside has a high pressure copper line (it's pretty thin too) and then from there it appears everything else is black pipe until within 6 feet of my furnance. At this point it becomes copper tubing again and snakes around the furnace. My question is specifically regarding this section of Cu pipe. The black pipe ends and it becomes 1/2" (maybe a bit bigger, not sure) for about 6 feet as it connects to the black piping on the furnace (approx 6" or so with a collection piece extending about 3" below it all). I will need to replace this Cu tubing to make rooom for a humidifier (that posts is on this website too), but I've read that I should be using black pipe vs. copper. If the gas company is using Cu, does that mean that I can too?

Does anyone know if I can have Cu for internal use in Minnesota, or better yet, SHOULD I?
If not, how do you accurately use black pipe (i.e. how do you measure so it all lines up correctly?). I personally don't have my own threading tool...


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Id say best to check code where you are . For sure.
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code for my area

I contacted Centerpoint Energy (our provider in MN) and they were a bit hesitant about recommending anything for the inside but still told me that it's okay to use. That being said, I wasn't so sure that the person I was talking to knew their head from that other side... I have a friend that's a home inspector but I'm still awaiting their response, and they might not know for sure either. That's why I'm posting it here too because I've always gotten good advice, or at a minimum, where I should go to find it.


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