Buck Stove Model 34 something doesn’t stay lit


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Exclamation Buck Stove Model 34 something doesn’t stay lit

Buck Stove Model 34 something doesn’t stay lit

A few months ago the pilot light wouldn’t stay lit. I called a tech out and he, not only out right refused to tell me what part he was installing, but he basically bumbled around for about a hour and then demanded that I pay him $400. Now after paying him, and it being about 4 months, nothings changed.

The pilot light seems to go out whenever it pleases and when I turn it up about half way, or full, it stays on for about a full minute and shuts off completely, pilot and all. I looked in the manual and it says to replace the pilot tube and pilot copreci since the other solutions weren’t relevant. Am I right? Also it should be noted that I had to use a grill lighter to lit the pilot.

I need to order a MF 147 AL (Pilot Tube 1/4”) and a Pilot Copreci. However the main Buck order site is down so is there any other place I should check? Because I haven’t been able to Google anything relevant so far. Also what is the difference between NAT and LP?


P.S. Thanks for any help or advice

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I take it this is a gas fireplace --- natural gas or propane?

A Pilot Copreci? Never heard of such a part. A pilot orifice, pilot burner, thermocouple, pilot generator or thermopile or electrode can all be parts of a whole pilot assembly.

First, you should see one or perhaps two rods sticking up into the pilot flame. If it one rod, you have a pilot generator or thermopile based system. If there are two rods, the thicker one is the thermopile and the narrow one the thermocouple. Which do you have?

In the pilot generator system, the pilot generator must remain engulfed by the pilot flame to generate the electricity to keep the magnet holding the gas valve open. In the thermocouple system, the thermocuple performs that function and must be kept enfulfed in the pilot flame or you will hear a "click" when the magnet fails and the gas valve snaps closed, shutting the pilot off.

So you need to observe the pilot flame carefully to see what is happening after you turn the burner on. You are probably goinf to see that pilot flame lift off the pilot generator or thermocouple, which in turn causes the pilot light and main burner to shut off.

Also, are there changes in the main burner flame? Does the main burner flame change color to a deep blue, start lifting off the burner ports, becoming thready until they are snuffed out?
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If this is the website
It's up at now...
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I’m using Propane.

I’m just repeating what the manual said. So I could be way off. They have a slightly updated version on their website in PDF format.

Here: <a href= http://www.buckstove.com/buckfiles/manuals/Buck%20Stove%20Model%2034%20Manual%20(Rev%2012-2006).pdf>Exact Manual</a>. I was looking at pages 49 & 50 for the parts. Page 42, and then some, for trouble shooting.

All Other Manuals:

From what it looks like, both in the manual and on the fireplace, it’s only part of the whole pilot assembly.

It’s a thermopile based system.

Ya, your right. It did just that.

The main flame will jump a few times when I first turn it on, which is the norm for me. I usually keep the igniter in until it stop for a bit. Right before it goes out it does turn really deep blue. I don’t know if it lifts off the ports, but it looks like it does on the main flame. Either I’m completely unaware, but they look the same size to me as when they first come on.

Pete OldNavy:
Yep, but I was talking about their parts store.


Thanks again,
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