trane XR80 help needed


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trane XR80 help needed

Hello All,
I have a trane xr80. The unit is less then 5 years old. It is blowing cold. I went downstairs and went thru the reset process and here is what happens.

Once everything is a go the furnace fan will start blowing. After a short period of time you can hear the gas ignition and hear the gas burning and blower blowing, all is normal at this point(you can feel the duct work by the furnace getting hot with the airflow). After less the 30 seconds the whole unit shuts down.

It then goes on to repeat this sequence time after time until I kill the power to the unit or turn the thermostat all the way down.

I have tried this repeatedly after turning the power off for up to 15 minutes.

Any ideas or feedback would be much appreciated.

BRRRRRRR, figures it would happen during a cold snap!

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These are the worst kind of problems to quickly figure out when the flame lasts longer than a few seconds, and the fact all the sequence functions work every time, rather than on out and outright total malfunction in the sequence.

Make sure your filter is clean and you do not have heat registers closed down or cold air returns blocked.

Make sure the problem still happens even if you temporarily set the thermostat up to 80 degrees just to see what the furnace does then.

Check to make sure you have no condensate backup to where after the furnace runs, it backs up the condensate and causes drop in system pressure. Then after the furnace sits off for a bit, water slowly weeps out and it is able to run for a short again. Make sure the line is clear through the trap direction and up into the furnace direction as well.

Let us know if you have central air conditioning also. And let us know if you have been very good while you have lived here in faithfully changing the filter or if you have caught it being totally plugged up in the past, as if so, this can coat a heat exchanger and upper a/c coil in a caked-on dust.

Start with that stuff. Then let us know.

There are other possible causes, but start with that and let us knoiw and we can them move on if necessary.
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check the flame rod too

It may be sooted, remove, clean with steel wool (be gentle) and re-install. Double check also that the white wire from the rod to the module is properly connected and the connection is tight

The device is by the burners and it is in direct contact with the flame. It should look similar to this:

Get back in touch if this does not work.

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On the control board, what is the Red LED flashing? #'s of flash is an error code.
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Depending on the exact M/N of your unit (say: TDD1....), the table below showing "error flash codes" may apply. The same (or similar) chart should be somewhere in the furnace [back of service door? near the board?].

Also, when was the last time your flue/chimney was serviced? a partial blockage in it could cause this problem too (seemingly unlikely, but possible)

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