Forced air gas furnace - manuf. Day and Night

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forced air gas furnace man. Day and Night
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#1 Today, 09:28 PM
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forced air gas furnace man. Day and Night


I have a forced air furnace that will not work doing several things, one if i turn the heat on it will cycle and light the burners and run for approx. one minute then the flames go out, including the pilot (electrical pilot), the fan will continue to blow for a while then it will shut down as well, then the pilot will come back on and turn bright red and start making a clicking noise about every second or so like it is trying to light something but it never does, unless i wait a few and turn the breaker off and back on. it had been running fine until yesterday so i guess something has gone bad and needs to be replaced but i don't have a clue about it and the landlord....well lets just say he is not the best one around. and let me tell ya denver co is cold in february so any help would be appreciated.



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This could be something as simple as an air-filter that is way, way overdue for replacement. So much so that is clogged and very restrictive to the duct system airflow, causing the limit to turn the gas OFF...and try to re-start once the heat exchanger has cooled off sufficiently.

Please post the manufacturer's name as well as the full M/N of this unit.

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