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My problem is with our furnace. Our house is approx 8 years old and 2 stories with basement. The furnace is a Carrier model #58PAP070-HC. 84,000 BTU Gas Furnace. Our house is around 1200 square feet. Here is my problem and it is a 2 part.

First of all the heat from the furnace and cool air from the air conditioner seem to be on the very weak side. Exspecially on the second floor. The heat and cold air trickle out of the vents. What can we do to possibly correct this problem first of all.

Second of all I changed the dial thermostat to a pretty cheap ($25.00) digital. It is not a set back but just digital. I also replaced the filter with a 3M high capacity filter for dust mites, etc. Well after that I noticed a hand written jot on the duct work to my return duct to the furnace. It read to not use high efficientcy filters because of lack of return air ducts. Now our furnace turns on and off until the desired temp is reached on the thermostat. If I turn the heat to 70 and it is 64 the furnace kicks on and off and on and off until it reached 70. The same with the blower. What can be causing this to happen? We would certainly appreciate any suggestions you may have. Thanks so much for a great web site.
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Based on the information you posted, <which is very good> I suspect you only have one problem.

Just as that note you found on the intake ducting recommends, do not use any type of high efficency filter.

Remove that newly installed 3M <won't catch any dust mites anyway fliter> and replace it with the standard type fliter.

Doing so will then restore the normal air flow to the heat registers and correct the cycling on and off of the furnace.

The thermostat you installed will do just fine, if your satisfied with it.

Good Luck,
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Sounds like your furnace is cycling on limit.
Poor Air Flow
Turn the fan switch to on at the thermostat while on heat. Does the problem of burner cycling deminish?
You need to increase air flow across the furnace.
The carrier furnce should be wired for high speed on Air Cond/ Fan operation.
You might have a plugged evaporator coil.
You might not have enough ductwork, espcially the return duct.
Need to stop that furnace from cycling so many times during each call for heat. It will wear out ignition parts(ie gas valve, electronic ignition parts etc).This is done by incresing the air flow across the furnace to make the limit stop tripping.You may have too much gas, need to have the pressure and btu rating of your gas (ask the co that supplys your gas).
Your ductwork could have been undersized, count how many returns are connected the furnace. How many supplies. You need as much if not more air going to your furnace as is blowing out of it.You may need more ductwork added, call and ask some of your Heating Companys for an opinion.Many track homes are built with minumal ductwork, the general contractors want the LOWEST BIDDER and you can guess the quality of the work.
Good Luck
Mr Foster
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