furnace not working


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furnace not working

ok guys i got a real big problem here. I put a furnace in my shop it is a heil model ndge075af01 it has a honeywell vr844 gas valve on it
Now for the problem, and what ive done so far to get my self compleetely lost. When i got it put in the guy that installed it dident finish the job. All that was left was to put the thermostat on so i went ahead and put it on. When the thermostat called for heat it went through the start cycle like it was suppost to but it only lit the piolet so i checked the gas tube and oriface and made sure they were not cloged, tested everything to the gas valve and found i have 24 volts to the valve so i changed the gas valve and still had the same problem no gas to the main burner tubes. I started checking other posiable problems but couldent find anything so i called a guy that works on burners and he came over. While he was here he jumped something out or crossed the wrong wire or something and sparks flew from coil or a transformer they are on the cover plate for the junction box lower left side of this furnace anyway it caused the furnace not to cycle when the thermostat calles for heat so i was not sure which one was bad so i changed both and still have the same problem with that now as well. It will cycle and light the piolet if you jump the red and white on the transformer but not with thermostat alone and will not stay lit if you remove the jumper and still dose not put gas to the main burners even after i changed the valve. I also changed the board that controles the gas valve and the electronic spark for piolet i looked every place i could see to try and find a fuse but no luck he was working around the fan limit when it blew sparks thanks for any help you can give
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A for real furnace guy installed it but never put in the stat to test out his work? Hmmmm.

You said you jumperd the transformer red and white wires. That would have created a dead short. Sure you did not jumper the red and white wires where all the t-stat wires hook up? That is proper for bypassing the t-stat.

So you had 24 volts on the valve? Were you absolutely sure you had that reading between*** MV*** and MV/PV? (or the same thing can be gotten by testing between MV and sheetmetal). You sure? If you are, you probably are going to have to make absolutely certain gas indeed does not exit the gas valve. And also that the main gas tube to the burners and the burners near the pilot flame are clean, so the gas can be lit.


Read my last post to Atleasttry, in his thread about the very same thing. Especially the last added paragraphs below the dotted line.

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yes it is true the guy dident finish the job he got paid from me and never came back but ill deal with him later
yes you are correct about jumping where all the thermostat wires go and i did check volts between mv and mv/pv and got 24 volts and i did take the valve off and checked for gas coming out of the valve and no gas to the main burner only to the pilot so i put on a different valve and had the same problem and did the same test i cant beleave to valves being bad like that there has to be another problem somewhere i did take the pipe going from the valve down to the burners off and blew it out with a ail hose and it was clear.

i also havent figured out why it will not cycle from the thermostat it did until the spark thing happened but now it will only run the cycle if i jump out where the thermostat goes as soon as the jumper is removed it turns itself off before it would turn on as soon as the thermostat calls for heat cycle through and light the piolet but never went to main burners

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