Noisy Gas Wall Mount


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Noisy Gas Wall Mount

1. In which area you live and ambient temperatures you usually experience.
I live in N. Wisconsin where the temp can be from -30F (or colder) to 100F
2. House style and construction details.
The is a two story ranch style home.
3. Make, model and age of equipment related to the problem.
This is a Baxi Luna 310 Fi
4. Fuel type.
5. Water temperature and pressures of boiler systems.
Water Temp: about 1/2 Heater Temp: about 1/2 pressure is 1 bar
6. What type of zoning do you have with your boiler system.
one zone
7. Thermostat type.
Digital Programmable

8. Anything else that would be useful. No detail is to small. The more information you provide the easier it becomes for the professionals in this forum to determined the cause and correction to the problem.

The system is noisy only when it sits for a long time. When the wall mount unit (the Baxi Luna 310) makes a high pitched noise. Currently, the only way we can get the noise to stop is to run hot water (i.e. dishwasher, laundry, call for hot at a sink) It seems that the longer the call for hot water the longer the unit will wait for the next noise. Which does not make sense to me because this is a tankless system. Any thoughts or questions or troubleshooting tips.

The worst part is that the installer has gone out of business and is now working for the city and does not do house calls. AND, the one plumber we called to come take a look didn't know much about the tankless sytem, so they just billed us $80 bucks and said to keep running the hot water when it makes noise. Hmmm... I'm sure I told him about that fix...

Thanks for you stopping by to help me sleep better at night.
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any luck?

Hi - through googling my boiler's make and model (Baxi Luna 310FI), I found this post - I live in NYC, in a small 1 bath, 3BR apt, and am having precisely the same problem. Any luck yet with fixing it or tips for abatement of that noise?
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You both may want to try here:

Home Heating Systems -

This is where the hot water heat guys hang out
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Baxi Luna 310

Whistling noise from High fire when using ▪ BAXI recommends that only 25% inhibited propylene glycol solutions which are
boiler. Glycol in system. specially formulated for hydronic systems be used in the LUNA boiler. Ethylene
glycol is toxic and can attack gaskets and seals used in hydronic systems.
Check that the glycol ratio is not more than the recommended amount yearly,
a higher ratio can affect the pump performance causing noise at high fire.
Note: Anti-freeze solutions expand more than water. For example a 50% by volume
solution expands 4.8% in volume for a temperature increase from 32F to 180F,
while water expands 3% with the same temperature rise. Allowances must be
made for this expansion in the system design. A 30% mixture of glycol will result
in a BTU output loss of 15% with a 5% increase in head against the boiler pump.
A 50% mixture of glycol will result in a BTU output loss of 30% with a 50% increase
in head against the boiler pump.

For more reading from this article please visit:

This didn't apply to me, but it did help me to realilze that my DHW and HotWaterHeater controls were too high. I have turned them down and the noise is a bit less. I am starting to suspect that I need to replace some gaskets and purge the entire sytem to be sure there is no water in the lines.

Anyone who has info on this style sytem please post any knowledge you can. Thanks in advance.

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