Amana high efficiency gas furnace malfunctioning


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Amana high efficiency gas furnace malfunctioning

I have a 2002 Amana two-stage variable speed high-efficiency gas furnace installed in my attached garage. I have had on-going issues with the condensate freezing upon exiting the house - but last year I finally got that resolved by redirecting the condensate drain tubing into my crawl space and into my kitchen sink drain pipe.

Last night I discovered the furnace is malfunctioning. I turned it on maybe a week ago and all has been fine up until now. I set the temperature at 59 when I'm not home then crank it up to 64-66 in the evening and back down when I retire. Well last night the furnace kicked off after only reaching 60 degrees. I checked the furnace and found the LCD troubleshooting display blinking red every second. I don't know if this would be considered "one flash" or a "continuous flash".

I unplugged the furnace and plugged it back in. The fan sounded like it was painfully trying to start up - but it did. The fan ran a bit then the burners came on - they looked fine. The fan kept kicking up higher then lower then higher the lower - then it turned off and the LCD started flashing again. The temp in the house was now 61 degrees.

I repeated the unplugging and replugging in the furnace until the temp finally reached 63 degrees. I then left it alone. I noticed after awhile the fan kicked back on on its own and the house stayed at 61 degrees through the night (outside temp was in the high 20's).

This morning I took the cover off of the unit and found water all over the inside and condensation dripping over one of 4 burners. That burner was completely rusted. The wiring above that was corroded and encrusted with white.

So... what does this all mean?

Is it faulty installation?

Is water inside the unit a potential fire hazard?

The installer's won't be able to send a service man for several days - which is okay, the outside temperatures aren't that bad.

Is there anything I can do myself in the meantime to try to fix this?

I did pour water into the drain pump to make sure it wasn't clogged and it ran fine. And I changed the filter.

What could I have done to prevent this?

Is this a common problem with high-efficiency furnances?

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It is a risk with high efficiency furnaces. Still sounds like a bad install, IMHO. Hopefully they get it fixed right.
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Blow out those drainlines both ways -out of the furnace, and back into it, last. See what it feels like, if you cleared out gunk. The gunk may be holding back the flow.

Regarding high efficiency gas furnaces and asking if something is a common problem: There are MANY common problems that can make these furnaces, that used to work perfectly fine one day, not work the next. Very adviseable for anyone who lives in freezing country, that gets below freezing temps for the average high and low, to have someone to check on the house heat daily, if you go on a trip. Houses have been ruined by furnace malfunctions in such cases, due to water pipes freezing and rupturing, buckling floors, cascading through ceilings, ruining the pipes in hard to get at areas in floors and walls, and more.
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Is it the left most burner? Is the furnace vented through the roof? If so, water is entering through the combustion air pipe. You may still have this problem if it is vented through the wall but its less likely. In either case it is a faulty installation.
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It is the right most burner (if you're facing it).

And, for whatever reason, it is working again??? But I fear it will happen again when the temp. drops.

It is impossible to install it anywhere but where it is - on the inside wall of my garage near the middle. There is no place inside the house and it was ruled out to have it placed in the crawl space.

And, just a side note, over the last 5 years I had to remove the drain tube from the exterior wall when the temps dropped below 20 degrees and place it in a bucket. I was collecting upwards of 5 gallons a day of condensation. Sometimes more.

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