thermostat and heater issues


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thermostat and heater issues

Ok, i decided to look at the back or my motherboard to see why my fan wouldnt click on to find out a solder blew out on the relay. So in doing test i came to the conclusion it was more than likely saveable. So i labeled all my wires, easy, took it off, fixed it, and re-installed it. But now when i flip my breaker to power it my ac condenser turns fan. All switches on thermostat are off. Then i realized i didnt hook up the white wire from the thermo to the board. Now i realized i messed up wires again.

So here is what i have... Please help me figure out where they go!

On the board there is spots labeled C G Y W R and i have a white,yellow,red,green, and blue wire going to the thermo and a red and brown wire that hooks to the board that run to my condenser unit.

Obvioulsy at my thermostat i have a white,yellow,red,green,and blue wire and a thermostat labeled G RC RH Y W.

I must add that the blue wire is not used and i have a jumper wire available. My thermostat is a hunter 44110.

Please help ASAP!
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This how it should be wired up.



Then two wire from A/c outside from furnace.


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