Amana inducer blower stuck on?


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Amana inducer blower stuck on?

My 3 year old Amana is giving me some serious issues. I have had 5 servicemen over now who haven't been able to fix it. The problem seems to be that after a successful heating, the inducer blower sometimes does not turn off. The unit is then unable to fire again. At this point I get the double blink from the control module that translates to "Low fire pressure switch stuck closed" Only a power cycle will fix it. Any Ideas? Help!

Update: I have had all 3 pressure switches replaced. Still no luck.

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Did these 5 guys check to see if the pressure switches do as they are supposed to? That maybe just because they are now new, that the vacuum that allows them to open and close the switch on them is not there, perhaps due to something being plugged up?

Did all these guys just go away scratching their heads? Or did they all think that since they got it to work once, that it was fixed?

Or, perhaps a sequencer or heating relay is stuck, causing the combination 24 volt/120 volt relay device to be stuck in in 120 volts, continously sending power to the vent motor. And because it stays running, it is generating suction through a pressure switch that will not allow the ignition to start again until the vent motor STOPS, so that the suction can quit and allow one of the pressure switches to close or open it's switch, to let the ignition sequence to proceed.

This might not be it but I have to mention it, as I never leave stones unturned. You have to be sure you do not have 2 issues at once, where say that stat is never quite reaching set point, in the cold, due to perhaps an undersized furnace, and it goes out on high limit, keeping the vent motor energized. And your type of furnace does not reset itself on high limit, and you have to do it manually. To test this theory, you have to - rather than look at the thermsotat and presume, better to test to make sure that the 24 volt power is being killed at the W terminal on the low volt power strip in the furnace. Like I said, this probably isn't it, but I'd check because it is fast and easy. Rather than over theorize.

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The problem with getting people to fix this, is that it doesn't happen every time. So you're right. They get it to work once and walk away. I've had all of them back, to which they shrug their shoulders.

You certainly may be on to something with the stuck sequencencer. I can power cycle the unit, and the fan will still be on. If the thermostat isn't immediately calling for heat, I will get the error code when it does. Think I need to replace the control board?

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