What type of filter do I need?


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What type of filter do I need?

It is time to replace the filter for my unit, but I need to know which type to purchase.

Furnace/Central Air is a Frigiking/Tappan. It is quite old and the filter size is 16x25x1.

It was hard to read the model number, but I came up with:
UG 30D13 E1.

I'm not even sure if that is correct.

If you need any more info, I could try to supply that.

Thank you for your help.
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What type of filter do I need?

I have the same size filters.

I have been told by many people in the HVAC business to not use over an 8 merv filter, since a finer filter can provide too much resistance to your air flow.

I buy 8 merv filters at the big bad orange box in a 3 pack for about $5-$8 (don't remember). I change my filter monthly (first of the month whether it needs it or not). The filter is a pleated paper filter and not the spun glass type that do nothing. It comes in a green package and is a Nature(?) something.

I have two long hair black cats and minor allergies and get along fine. It works for me and the cats do not bother me now.

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I highly recommend something like the Filtrete 300. It is just a dust/pollen filter and not a highly restrictive allergen filter. It will keep everything clean w/out restricting your system. I think it is around a merv 6 rating.
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Unless family members have breathing problems like asthma, my suggestion is the cheapest filter available --- $.69 is a good price.

The main purpose furnace filters serve is to keep fans, motors and ductwork from getting plugged up with dust and dirt ---the cheap filters do that just fine.

And if there are no breathing problems in the family, expensive filters aren't going to do any more, assuming they do more anyway.

In my opinion, for most people the expensive filter business is a racket to separate people from their heard earned money.
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Thank you both for your replies and help. I figured as much that a cheap-o filter would be just fine, but just wanted to confirm my suspicions.
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Where were you able to get the merv rating? - They seem to omit that from the packaging information for some reason.

Many fine filters will clog as used and the rating goes up too high.

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