propane tank question

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propane tank question

I bought a 100 gallon propane tank off craigslist a year and a half ago and I am just ready to get it filled. So I called around and found out I need proof of ownership. I researched it online and found out that a bill of sale is usually proof of ownership. Now I wonder if I bought a leased tank or not. How do I find out if the tank is customer owned or leased? I have of course lost the name an address of the guy I bought it off of. Can I just call all the propane providers in my area and asked them to check the serial number. It does not have any logo on it and it does not appear to have been repainted.
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Part of the responsibility of ownership is maintenance on the tank.
I am not exactly sure what the requirements are for that size of tank in your area but it likely would need to be hydro-tested every so many years.
There also is a concern of the propane supplier that they not fill some other companies tank.

All you can really do is call propane suppliers in the area you bought the tank to see if it is theirs.
If it is customer owned then you would be good to go but if leased maybe they would give you a good deal on a lease or purchase.
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Most times it is just a racket.

Propane dealers are out to sell propane not tanks.

Testing a tank is all just a part of doing business.

Usually when you have the same tank as the gas supplier, they just take your old tank and give you a new one.

Buying your own tank does not have it's advantages.

Usually, the more gas you buy in a years time, the cheaper the rate becomes.

Buying one tank every 3 or 5 years doesn't help you any with the price.

The fitting is the same no matter if it is a 20 lbs tank or 100, so anyplace that sells propane and fills tanks can fill that tank.

Most propane dealers only puts 17 lbs of propane in a 20 lbs cylinder. That is how they make the price look so cheap.
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What you need to do is go to a propane dealer and set up a account!

When I was a kid and everyone heated their homes with coal in my neighborhood, because there was no natural gas in my area.
My dad had his own propane tanks.

When the gas came along, he got rid of the propane stove and the kerosene hot water tank and switched everything over to natural gas - after the furnace blew up on my mom and she got burned pretty bad.

Because he had a account, when we started going to my uncles family camp, my dad was able to get propane for him. My uncle lived 100 miles away and it was too hard for him to go and get propane when it ran out.

When my dad hit a deer with his new truck one day on his way to work. "he was driving his truck because he had a empty propane tank in the back, and the machine shop he worked at had delivery of propane to the back door and he didn't have to drive the whole way to the propane dealer and he got some kind of discount through the machine shop - where he worked.." Dad quit getting propane for the camp and he switched the account back into my uncles name.

He still has a 100 lbs cylinder on the cement block pile that he uses to fill his 20 lbs cylinders for his camper.

At one time, the people just threw their old cylinders away.

The propane dealer never knew exactly how many bottles he owned. He just ordered new bottles when he ran out of old ones.

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