gas furnace blower problem


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gas furnace blower problem

Hi everyone, I have a gas furnace and occasionally it will not come on unless I turn the switch off on the furnace and then turn it back on. It then starts up with no problem. More often than that though the furnace will run and then kick off for about 2 seconds and immediately starts up again. The blower motor has been kind of noisy since last summer so I think my problems are related to the blower. My husband is hoping it will get it through this winter and then he is going to take the furnace out and replace it himself. What I want to know is it dangerous to continue using this furnace with blower problems. I'm concerned about carbon monoxide. Is there anything to worry about? Thanks so much
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You can only get carbon monoxide from a cracked heat exchanger or from a plugged up exhaust. The only way to be sure is to get a carbon monoxide alarm.

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