Can i use diesel in place of furnace oil?


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Can i use diesel in place of furnace oil?

Hi all. We have a Riello furnace, dating back to about 1980. Now, i had read yuo can use diesel feul, aka gas station diesel for the furnace. Which ive been doing about 80 gallons so far, no real problems. I was jsut at a heating n plumbing store, guy working thier realy knew his pats ect.
SO! I asked him the same question, can i use gas station diesel? He answered no, you really dont want to do that. Furnace oil is technically diesel, but its a tad different. HE said i could end up with bleeding problems, other problems.
Is thier any truth to this? Reason i ask, i got roomates who dont wanna shell out the money for furnace diesel, so ive been time to time, buying 20 gallons here and thier at gas station.
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Number 2 furnace oil is the same as Diesel engine fuel except it has a red dye added to it so that it is readily apparent if someone tries to use it in an automotive situation. The dye proves that road tax has not been paid on the fuel and so it is unlawful to use it for public road transportation.

However, by using "gas station" Diesel fuel for your furnace you ARE paying the road tax. If you don't mind paying considerably more for your fuel go ahead and use the fuel from the gas station.
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In my state, they sell "off-road" diesel for construction equipment or small tractors and there is no road tax included. During the oil spike a couple of winters back, when a tank full of heating oil could cost $1,000, the line of people picking up off road Diesel was rather long.

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off road diesel

Here in NJ and PA, when you see " off road diesel" it usually is # 2 fuel oil that they are selling. It should have that red dye in it. They only sell it at a higher price than you would pay for home heating #2 that gets delivered to your home.
Real diesel will run rine in your burner, but the cost will be more significant.
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Diesel is slightly different from heating oil. Diesel has a mixture of carbon chains between 8 and 21, and heating oil has a mixture containing chains between 14 and 20. The smaller molecules in diesel are probably what cause that risk of bleeding.
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wow thanks for the replies all!!! it safe to run gas station diesel then? or should i speficially, be using ONLY furnace oil?
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Yes, until the day a room mate goes to the gas station for fuel and sees that regular is cheaper than diesel and says "what the heck, I'll get the cheap stuff".

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