weatherking furnace no warm air Brrrrrr


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Our home is 4 years old last year we had a similar problem. The furnace kicks on the blower works but all that comes out is cold air. The furnace has been on for 2-3 months and working fine. I did double check the settings just to be sure. Last year a serviceman came out and replaced the heating element(or ignitor) and it worked fine. If my memory serves me correct this is the same thing this year, however I looked at the piece that was replaced last year and the one last year was cracked this doesn't appear to be. If it is the same should I have to replace every year, if so what can I do, I'm not impressed with this furnace than. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Try reseting the furnace. Turn the power off to it for a minute, turn it back on. Does it try to start?
Sometimes the sensor (leave the glow ignitor alone)needs annual cleaning. Follow the "sensor" wire from the module board to the sensor. I clean it with a piece of sand paper.
Good Luck
Mr Foster
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I checked it all out, and after further inspection everything works fine except the furnace won't come back on again. could that be the controller board. It starts if I take the panels off the furnace kicks right up then when the temp hit's where it's set at the furnace will cut off like it should, but will not come back on unless I take the panels off and then back on. Thanks again for any imput
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Yes it sounds like a lock out problem.
When you take the panels off the power is getting turned off, this allows the board to retry.
If the sensor is clean, it could possibly be the ignition board.
Make sure that the furnace has a good ground(electrical term meaning that a wire connected to a grounding rod or water pipe is connected to the frame(metal cabnet of furnace)).
Have had problems with a number of these modules.Depending on the manufactor you might still have a warranty.
Call the heating tech who sells that type of unit.
Good luck
Mr Foster

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